Jimena and Christian

How We Met

We met in the most typical way nowadays, online (on Bumble). I was bored one night swiping and stumbled upon a very bad profile, but it said he was Catholic so I swiped right and my first question was “how religious are you?”. Over the course of the weekend, we decided to go out, but I changed the day of it at the last minute because another guy had caught my eye online. I went on a marathon of two dates on one day, the first with Christian, which went really well, and the second with the other guy, which went horribly wrong. After the second date, I called Chris and explained what happened and we talked through the whole forty five minute train ride and by the third date, we became boyfriend girlfriend, which is kind of unbelievable since it was on April Fools day. We’ve since had many amazing dates, created a private Instagram account where we share our journey, and by May we were already talking marriage. Since we live about an hour away we say we have a medium distance relationship and because of that, and many other reasons, we said that after six months in we’d decide whether to either continue or end things. We are very honest and open with each other, share a lot of corniness, which includes buying each other many Lovepop cards and orchids.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cristopher Columbus Park, Boston, MA

Jimena's Proposal in Cristopher Columbus Park, Boston, MA

Proposal Ideas Cristopher Columbus Park, Boston, MA

How They Asked

As I do suffer from anxiety, Christian did tell me the day he was proposing and got me a dress and got an awesome pair of matching Converse. On the day, he drove to my house and we got on a train together to Boston, there the journey began, a trip through memory lane with the question “Do you remember when?” starting with Tasty Burger where we had our first date, and going through places like St Clements where we first prayed together, North Station where we first met, other places in between with a lot of zigzagging across the city (purposefully although he pretended to just not know the city well!). As soon as we stepped into Christopher Columbus Park, I knew it was there as it was where we had our special second date and many others.

He tried to convince me that it wasn’t, but fifteen minutes later he took me to the dock insisting on taking a selfie and I finally started to believe him that it wasn’t there when I saw him start to take out one another piece of paper, but then I saw my sister with a camera in hand and I knew I was right. Then Chris gave me one last piece of paper that read “Will you remember when?… I asked my bae to marry me” and got down on one knee. I saw the ring we had chosen together, an aquamarine with tiny diamonds on its sides. Of course, I said yes. After a couple of photos, we were embraced by my family. A week later we set the date December 28, 2019, “Dia de los Inocentes”, aka April Fools day in Venezuela.

Special Thanks

Sonsoles Arnal
 | Photographer