Jim and Kaitlyn

How We Met

Kaitlyn moved to Columbus, OH from Boston, MA to pursue nursing school. When she was very homesick she asked here mom to mail her ice skates, as she used to play girls varsity ice hockey in high school. She went ice skating every weekend to clear her mind after long weeks of clinical. On January 17th, 2015, after a long time of not skating, I decided to go skating as well. On this particular day the Columbus NHL team, the Blue Jackets were playing the Boston Bruins. Kaitlyn was wearing her Boston Bruins jersey. I am not a Bruins fan, so when I saw her skating around the rink and I had to comment on her jersey. We talked for about 5 hours. At the end of public skate we made a bet on the NHL game that night… I bet her that if I called who won I would get to see her again, and if I called the score correctly I would get a kiss. We exchanged numbers and the next night after I won both of those bets I saw her again where she presented me with a Hersey’s kiss chocolate.

Jim's Proposal in Columbus, Ohio

how they asked

Two weeks before our two year anniversary Jim told me to go and get my hair and nails done, because he hired a photographer. I happily obliged, and upon getting home Jim informed me that he cancelled our photo session because the weather did not permit. I was confused that he didn’t reschedule and a little bummed, because I always wanted professional photos of the two of us! The following weekend Jim told me that he had our anniversary planned. He told me to get dressed up. Once we were both ready we arrived to Barcelona, a lovely upscale restaurant in time for 8pm reservations. Once we got our table Jim was acting a bit strange… After telling him that he was acting weird and I was becoming confused he simply told me that he could explain why he was acting so weird, and then he got down on one knee and pulled out a small box. Jim is one of the most reserved people that I know and I NEVER in a million years would have suspected him to propose in front of a whole restaurant. The restaurant wait staff was generous, they brought us complementary champaign and they took our photo, which my hair an nails were all prepared for, thanks to the week prior! Jim did set up a professional photographer for our engagement photos a few weeks later! It was the perfect night, that was an unexpected blessing, just as he was when I met him!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Columbus, Ohio