Jillian and Caleb | GoPro Alaskan Proposal

How we met: We met our first year of college at Liberty University. We were friends for a semester and then began to date. From the beginning I thought he was the one but over the next two and a half years I fell more and more in love with him!

how they asked: Caleb was up in Alaska visiting for a little over a week. Caleb & I had planned to go on dress up dinner downtown. Caleb said he would make the reservation and wanted it to be a surprise. As I was getting ready Caleb left because he said our friends Jordy and Michael had seen a bear and wanted Caleb to come down and see. I had been sightly suspicious throughout the day, but the bear story was one of the parts of the day that in no way seemed suspicious. Caleb & I left and soon he told me we were going to Crows Nest one of the nicest restaurants in Anchorage, that overlooks both the city and the ocean. This specific spot happened to be where my dad proposed to me with a purity ring. Caleb & I enjoyed dinner and by the end I was no longer slightly suspicious. Caleb told me that he had found a place with an awesome view of the ocean and mountains and wanted to show me. As we drove up there we talked and laughed little did I know this would soon become the best day of our lives! As we parked near the view we walked about 30 feet until I saw a table set with desert and sparkling cider. They sat down and began to have the cheesecake then Caleb said One more thing.. as I looked over I watched as he dropped to a knee my heart began pounding. I got up and stood by him as he asked me to marry him!

Image 1 of Jillian and Caleb | GoPro Alaskan Proposal

Then Caleb said alright you can come out as we watched our friends Jordy, Michael, and Daniel who had been taking pictures as well as helping Caleb get everything set up. It was so fun to have friends from Liberty with us and an important part of our big day! As they got back into the truck I immediately began to call her closest friends. After calling a few friends Caleb and I were just pulling into my neighborhood as Caleb said there was one more surprise everyone I had just called was at my house. We walked in to about 30 friends and family members for an engagement party! It was amazing to be able to celebrate with everyone and such a blessing as my parents and friends prayed over Caleb and I. It was an absolute perfect night!

Special thanks to Jordy Vickrey, Michael Carson, Daniel Carson, Craig Floyd, Sue Floyd