Jillian and Tim

How We Met: Jillian and I started dating over 12 years ago and through that time, our relationship has grown into what it is today – full of love and happiness.  We knew each other because our families were already friends but Jillian and I started dating when she was a freshman in high school and I was a sophomore.  Before text messaging and facebook, we resorted to passing notes to one another until I finally mustered enough courage to ask Jillian to be my girlfriend which was quickly followed by our first kiss.

We remained a couple throughout high school going to every dance together and going through the ups and downs of high school.  Early on, neither of us had any thought of where our relationship would go but it didn’t matter – we had so much fun growing up together as we began to understand that we had something special.

1st Picture

As high school came to an end, we faced a very big “turning point” in our relationship…  With Jillian having one more year of high school, it was time for me to go to college.  I made the decision to follow my dreams of playing college football and moved to New York where I attended Iona College.  At that time and with the significant distance that would now be between us, we both admit now that we thought our relationship would inevitably end.  As it turns out, the exact opposite happened…  We decided we would give a long distance relationship a shot not knowing what would happen.

Long story, short, the distance between us proved to be no match and Our Love only grew stronger.  The old quote of “absence makes the heart grow fonder” could not have been more true for us.  Jillian would end up making many visits to my school over the 4 years of my college career and we learned the value of the time we had together.


Being away at Iona College while Jillian was back home in Elmhurst starting her own business meant a lot to what our relationship is today.  If you were to ask us both, we would undoubtedly say that it was while I was away at Iona College that we truly fell in love.  Iona College became a very special place to us and after 11 years of dating, with the help of My Brother, Joee, we choreographed a proposal that Jillian deserved on The Isle of Iona, Scotland which is where Iona was named after.


how they asked: Knowing that Iona meant so much to myself and Jillian, the perfect opportunity presented itself to pull off a proposal that would turn out to be very special to us both.  The Isle of Iona had always been a “bucket list” place for Jillian and I to visit but when Jillian’s Family decided to make a family trip to Ireland, I used that as a reason for us to visit the Isle before meeting up with Jillian’s Family.  My Brother Joee and I spent months planning the proposal as we reached out to the locals of Iona and reeled in some additional help from our bed and breakfast host, Richard Harrison.

The Isle of Iona is about 3 miles long and 1 mile wide and has about 120 residents.  I was able to pick the perfect spot on the Isle of Iona to ask Jillian to marry me and on June 4th, it would all go down.  Jillian and I traveled for more than 24 hours and over 4,000 miles using planes, trains, ferries and cabs to arrive at our destination.  On top of all of that, My Brother Joee also made the journey 2 days prior and was already awaiting our arrival so that he could secretly capture the entire proposal on camera.  All of this was done without Jillian knowing any of it and the surprise turned out to be more than I could ever ask for.  More importantly, she said, “Yes.”



Iona: A Journey of Love from ojo Creative on Vimeo.