Jillian and Taylor

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how we met

Taylor and I had attended a jersey party in Lethbridge, both dragged there by our friends. He was wearing a jersey that said “Kwas” on the back. Taylor Kwas is a mutual friend of ours but I had never met Taylor before. I walked up and tapped him on the back when he turned around I said, “You’re not Taylor Kwas”. He said, “No, I’m Taylor Irvin”. The rest is history!

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how they asked

Taylor qualified for a golf tournament sponsored by Nike Golf in Bermuda. I was hoping this was when he would ask but when we packed together I immediately thought there is no way he could have snuck the ring past me, but I was wrong. He had called my Dad before we left and asked for permission to marry me. Taylor walked through the airports holding his backpack in front of him which I thought was very strange but didn’t think too much into it. He even warned airport security the ring was in his bag so not to say anything – I was still completely unaware. Our hotel room had an amazing view of the ocean behind us!

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The first night we were there Taylor called me out onto the balcony, with the view of the ocean and an amazing sunset, to have a drink with him. I responded with I don’t feel like having a drink – whoops haha. He said can you please come out here. When I got to the balcony Taylor left and said I need to go to the washroom (but really to get the ring without me seeing). I came back inside annoyed he left right after asking me to come outside! He then went back onto the balcony and called me out again. He said to me – You know I love you and you know I will always love you. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

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I told him prior to this that he had to put the ring on my finger when he asked me but I didn’t give him the chance! I grabbed it out of the box in excitement and put it on my own finger! The rest of the night was spent face timing our friends and family to share our exciting news!

Image 7 of Jillian and Taylor

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