Jillian and Steven

Image 1 of Jillian and Steven

How We Met

Steven and I met back in summer of 2012 at a local country line dancing bar in Danbury, CT. All Steven wanted to do was talk to me all night but I was more interested in getting my 2 step and drink on with my friends. The next day one of one of my sorority sister message me on Facebook saying how Steven thought I was very cute and was very interested in talking to me. I was a little hesitant to allow this because of my senior year of college coming up, but I thought why not. The two of us hit it off and had a great summer together, but sadly the summer fling didn’t last and we both went our separate ways. It is funny how two people who are truly meant to be find themselves back to each other. About a year later I received a text message from Steven while I was on spring break stating, saying it was a mistake to let me go and if I was willing, to allow him another chance. I was again hesitant to allow this to happen due to the past but I felt that there was something different about Steven and decided to give their relationship a fresh start, and the rest is history.

how they asked

In the summer of 2016 Steven decided that it was the best time to ask his best friend to spend the rest of her life with him. On a warm summer evening in June, Steven and I went up to one of his favorite spots in northern Connecticut; Kent Falls. we walked along the trail to one of our go to spots where we love to hike, where you can see a waterfall and sit along the beach and watch the sun set. I was taking pictures and Steven decided to surprise me by proposing. But Steven is not the best with surprises. as i was taking pictures he kept saying “go over there, turn around and take a picture”. While i was thinking “ok, weirdo” As i was turned around Steven laid out seashells along the sand by the water and told me to come over and look at the shells, while she was walking over I thought to myself; “Why the hell are there seashells in the middle of the woods?” When I got there Steven said that there was something written on them, I looked down and on each shell had the words the spelled out “Will You Marry Me?” Obviously I said Yes! :)

Image 2 of Jillian and Steven