Jillian and Siegfried

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How We Met

I met Sieg during my post graduate internship in Rizal Medical Center, he was my 4th year Surgery resident and I’m his intern that time. It was not love at first sight haha. I never thought that I would end up with him. I had a crush on another guy during that time, he’s also a Surgeon. I remembered it was my first assist (May 2013) in the OR around 7pm in the evening, after the last operation the team decided to go out for dinner at Kebabers in Kapitolyo ,that’s the first time I saw/met him. Being his typical “masunget” aura, I never consider him cute/appealing. Our first encounter was when my bag was placed beside him, and I asked him nicely if he could get the bag for me, because I wanted to transfer to another restaurant. He said in a very masunget way “ Ganyan naman kayo nangiiwan, sige kunin mo na”. I was really pissed off that time, so I still went to Figaro by myself, after eating I called one of his juniors and vent my anger out. Our love story started there. The next thing I know we were already textmates, and he’s asking me out for a movie.

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how they asked

We (with my mom, aunts, and of course Siegfried J) and Sieg’s friend Leo Michael together with our good friend Miss Meech , who happens to be our wedding planner too went to Korea last October 2016 for a birthday vacation. Apparently it was planned that she will be in Korea too, It was October 25,2016 when Meech and Sieg planned to go to Nami Island (A very romantic place), without any idea we(with my family) agreed to follow their itinerary. Before going to Nami you need to ride a boat or go there via Zipline if you’re adventurous like us hehe. When we got there we ate authentic Korean food, took lot of pictures and appreciate the beauty of nature. After roaming around, Sieg suddenly caught the attention of everyone when he asked them to gather around and started his speech. Honestly, I was not attentive that time, as you can see in our video I was using my cellphone reading some referrals in our viber group. The next thing I knew, Sieg fell on his knee and asked me if I can /will marry him. I was shocked, speechless, and nervous, my heart literally stopped to beat for a while, so Sieg stood up again and knelt down for the second time and pop the question again. Then I cried and said “Yes”, kissed and hug him tight. Everything was so surreal, I was extremely happy and felt like I was in a Korean Drama Series.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Meech del Carmen
 | Planning and Videographer
Leo Michael Bernabe
 | helped meech to take a videos