Jillian and Joshua

How We Met

Josh & I met by pure coincidence just shy of three years ago. We met at the local bar. He was the bartender; I was the server. One day, it snowed. It snowed, and it snowed, and it snowed. At the time, I was at the mercy of my college apartment’s landlord to tend to the snowy day. With that said, it wasn’t long before clumsy me slipped and fell on the ice outside, cracking my tailbone. Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant knows that there is no excuse good enough to call-out of a night shift. Even with a legitimate injury, off to work I went- waddling around as I took orders and ran food. After a while, I found myself by the server-bar awaiting my table’s cocktail order. That’s when Josh asked for my number. The shy girl that I was jotted down 10 digits onto a sheet of order paper and handed it off and ran. A few hours later, long after work, I sat on the couch just starring at my phone. Wondering why I hadn’t heard from him. Wondering if I messed-up the phone number. Wondering every think I could possibly wonder. No sooner did I begin to worry, do I receive a call. It was Josh! He wanted to see me! That night, Josh drove to my apartment in the snow and sleet and showed up at my door. I knew that very moment that this boy was special. We’ve been together ever since.

how they asked

It was July 2, 2016. We were celebrating the 4th of July in Ocean City, NJ with my family and friends. After a day at the beach and an afternoon of grilling, it was time to hit the boardwalk. Like any female, I couldn’t find a single thing to wear! I pouted and stomped my feet a bit and settled on a simple tank-top and a pair of denim jeans. Shortly afterwards, we began our walk on the board walk. For the next 34 streets, all I could do was complain about my outfit! My outfit turned into an argument about almost anything else I could think of until we were hardly talking as we begin the journey back. As we approached 11th Street Beach, my fiancé suggested we walk along the beach. I roll my eyes and continue to complain. “The sand!” “My shoes!” “Do I have to?” I’ve never been so happy to go against my own arguments and walk along the beach.

Where to Propose in Ocean City, NJ

Just as we posed for a photo by the famous lifeguard boat, Josh gets down on one knee and asks me to be his wife. The question rang like church bells and froze us right in that moment. I had been waiting so long to hear that question that I just stood there, starring. No words; utter shock as the crowd that had gathered around us shouted and cried. With a heart so full, and eyes filled with tears, I said, “Yes!” and jumped into his arms. And to think, just moments prior I was arguing with him about having not proposed yet! #JoshandJillSayIWill

JILLIAN and JOSHUA's Engagement in Ocean City, NJ