Jillian and Jonah

How We Met

In Jr. high and high school, we were nothing more than friends until the summer before I moved across the country for college. Long distance became our only option. As some couples can attest, this is not the easiest way to date. Long distance takes time, patience, trust, and whole lot of love and we are grateful to have each other to make it all worth it. We will be getting married a few months after our five year anniversary.

how they asked

We were headed to dinner in Seattle when he pulled off onto an unfamiliar road. At the end of the road was a small dock with a red canoe strung in lights.

At this point I could barely contain my excitement as we got in the canoe and rowed up the creek, talking and laughing about memories and our future together, all the while trying to live in the moment.

As we came around the bend I saw lights strung across the bridge and almost lost it.

Once we were near the bridge, Jonah had me turn to face him. He told me how much he loved me in the sweetest of words, got on one knee, and asked me to be his wife.

Jillian and Jonah's Engagement in Bellevue, Washington

After this perfect moment our families popped out from behind the blackberry bushes, crying and cheering. We were overwhelmed in the best way with love and support.

Where to Propose in Bellevue, Washington