Jillian and Ismael

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How We Met

We first met at work, working in the same location for a brief time. I went away to college and returned to work in the same location. We were set up through a mutual friend and slowly became closer as time passed. We enjoyed the same events, occasions, and pastimes but opposite at the same time, if that’s possible. He is younger than me and made me feel younger as well. We laughed, played jokes on each other, and became creative at impressing each other. We fell in love with each other and realized that we truly enjoyed each other.

Proposal Ideas Outdoors at a park

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Outdoors at a park

how they asked

I was seven months pregnant and on our way to a maternity photo shoot. He’s always wanted to propose but wasn’t sure how. I was always able to figure things out. He knew that this would be the perfect time to finally surprise me and it worked. The photographer was in on it as well. She would make sure I came dressed up, makeup done and hair perfect. She also suggested clothing to wear and what to bring. We had an amazing experience capturing my pregnancy and love without knowing what was going on. She took control of the shoot because like I stated earlier, I figure everything out without trying. So, if Ismael was encouraging specific poses and shots, I would be curious and begin to question. For the last pose, we went outside. It was one of the coldest days of the year, in the middle of winter, on a mountain, in the snow, on a windy day. But it was a perfect day to take pictures!

For the last picture, the photographer wanted me to face a specific direction and how to turn around. She stated it was to capture the dramatic way my hair would fall. But, she never told Ismael to pose in any way. At that moment, I knew what was happening. I tried to turn the opposite way and was quickly corrected. I smiled and felt a warm feeling come over my body! As I turned, I immediately started to cry and an overwhelming rush of memories came over me. I saw my late father’s engagement ring he gave to my mother! I grabbed my pregnant belly, shook my head yes, and let out a whimpering ‘Yes!’ The photographer captured the whole thing. She was our only audience but took pictures that would tell a story and show people our love. I was ecstatic that it happened the way it did. I was more than pleased, happy, and excited to share our story with friends and family!

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Special Thanks

Jasmine Guara
 | Photographer