Jillian and David

How We Met: Three and a half years ago, on my way home from my work Christmas party, I found a lost Blackberry in the cab I was in. I decided to be a good Samaritan, take it home with me, and return it to its rightful owner. I messaged a few of the contacts in the phone, and let them know that I had found their friend’s phone in a cab.

After a bit of back and forth, one of the contacts sent me an email address, so I sent off an email letting the person know that I had their phone and could meet up with them the next day to return it. The next day, I received an email from the owner of the phone and arranged to meet with him at a nearby mall. An hour later, we met up at the mall at our agreed upon spot and I returned his phone to him. He asked me if he could invite me to coffee to thank me for returning his phone, but I politely declined as I had several errands to run that afternoon.

We parted ways and after taking about 10 steps into the store, I literally stopped in my tracks and thought, “He was cute. Why not take a chance?” So I walked out to the front of the store, and luckily for me, he was still standing outside. I walked up to him and said that I was just looking for a cart (so sneaky). It was then that he decided that he had let me get away once, and he wasn’t going to let me get away again!

We started talking right there outside the store, then decided that we would walk and talk while I did my grocery shopping – he was sure to keep me laughing the entire time. After I checked out, he carried my bags to my car and asked me out again for coffee. This time, of course, I said yes. Three days later, we got together for our first date at a coffee shop – it’s been love and romance ever since!

how they asked: One sunny day in May, my boyfriend said that he needed to use the car to run some errands around town. He was also going to visit my parents for lunch since he would be in the area. So he dropped me off at work in the morning and picked me up when I was done.

Upon our arrival at home, I was famished! I started to eat a snack, but when I was about halfway done, he took it away from me saying that I was going to ruin my appetite because he was going to order takeout.

We then proceeded to take our dog out for a walk. When we came back inside, my boyfriend told me to get dressed up as we were going out for dinner. I asked what the occasion was, and he said that we were celebrating the completion of his public defense from the previous day.

We drove across the city to downtown Toronto, parked, and walked up to the CN Tower. We took the elevator all the way up to the top floor, where we entered the 360 Restaurant. There, we delighted in a delicious 3-course meal, while we enjoyed the beautiful lights and sights of the city at night.

After dinner, we headed down the stairs to the infamous Glass Floor. It was fun and exciting to stand on the glass and look down at the dark abyss below our feet. We took our time and walked around, taking in the view from outside as well. People were coming and going, but we remained there, talking, laughing, and taking photos.

At the very moment that no one else was around or standing on the glass floor, my boyfriend took that perfect opportunity to propose to me. He told me how much he loved me, along with many other sweet things that seem like a dream to me now.

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Then he got down on his knee, pulled out a beautiful ring, and asked me to marry him. I said YES!

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It was a magical night for both of us and we can’t wait to start our new life together as husband and wife!

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