Jillian and Corey

Jillian's Proposal in Sugarloaf Mountain, Maine

How We Met

Corey and I met in high school – we went to rival schools but met because I joined the other school’s ski team and mutual friends introduced us. We stayed close through high school, college and after graduating. Our timing was always “off” but we finally figured it out and started dating in 2016.

How They Asked

The past 3 years we have gone up to Sugarloaf for Corey’s birthday – we take a few days off work to ski during the week and celebrate at our favorite mountain. Part of this tradition includes me taking a picture of the firepit at the bottom which they call “the beach.” I love “the beach,” the Adirondack chairs, and of course, the view. We got to the mountain early that morning and there wasn’t a soul around, it was a clear, beautiful (but also -5 degrees) day and the firepit was lit. We put our skis down and I was ready to grab my traditional picture. Corey said, “let’s put our bags down first and then we can come sit out by the fire.” I agreed and walked inside the lodge, put our bags down and went back outside just the two of us. We sat by the fire and talked about how I always take my firepit-picture and how happy we were every time we were here. He asked “you really do love it here don’t you?” and I replied, “yes, it’s my favorite.” He then turned to me and said “that’s why I wanted to do this here,” as he slid down onto one knee.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Sugarloaf Mountain, Maine

I, of course, said yes! My dad called and found the mountain’s photographer to snap some pictures which I will cherish forever, but Sugarloaf also has a live webcam of “the beach,” so our families were able to watch LIVE as Corey proposed. It will forever be my favorite firepit-picture.

Special Thanks

Alden Winder
 | Photographer