Jillian and Bubba

How We Met

It all started freshmen year of high school! Bubba and I were in a couple classes together and he was the “new” kid in school as he had come from catholic school. I remember saying to him in English clas .. “Hi my name is Jill, what’s your name?” Ya no to be nice and I thought he was cute. His response was ever so nice .. “That’s nice, I don’t care.” For whatever reason I still started crushing on him. Since we had a couple classes together we got to know each other better. Throughout freshmen year we became friends (after he decided to be nice) and would go out with friends but I certainly wasn’t making the first move! Eventually bubba asked me to the freshmen dance in April and the rest is history!

High school sweethearts

how they asked

Bubba and I have been together for 10.5 years and both share a love for Disney! Bubbas sister had planned a trip to go with her in laws, husband and their daughter and was telling us about how it was the food and wine festival (something we always wanted to go to!) so we decided to tag along!

We left on a Saturday and we’re staying until Tuesday. Little did I know he had been planning this awesome proposal. Prior to Disney he had taken my sister to help pick out a ring then had his sister (the only one from his family to know) and his niece help him make the signs that say “Jill will you marry me” that they held up on the ride! He had given the ring to his sisters father in law to drive down with him separately.

We arrived in Disney and Saturday and spent time with everyone (no one slipped or gave me an reason to be suspicious!) We met them again on Monday in Magic Kingdom where we had planned to go on Splash Mountain together (one of my favorite rides!). We got in line and had to wait about 25 minutes (again no one was suspicious in anyway!!). Before we got on the guys went ahead of us and I was waiting for Bubbas sister – apparently at this time the ring was given to bubba (the signs were also in Kevin’s bag!)

We got on the ride and we were in the front row – by luck! The ride starts out a little slow and you go through for the little story associated with the ride before you hit the big drop. Whenever we were in a ride we would point out where the picture was taken so we were ready – so when Bubba pointed it out it didn’t seem weird at all! At some point before the drop Kevin had handed out the signs to Natalie and Chris in front of him. During the ride I didn’t hear anything strange or even see the signs when we got off as they had given them back and put them away before we got off!!!

We got off and proceeded to see the picture so we could scan it to our magic bands. As I’m looking I notice my picture and was taken so off guard and in such shock that I was still trying to make sure it was even me!! Once I realized for sure I turned around and Bub was on one knee with the most perfect ring!! I was in such awe, shock and complete happiness that I was left speechless.

Jill will you marry me?

It was the most perfect proposal ever!