Jill and Pat's Surprise Proposal on Christmas

Jill and Pat Surprise Marriage Proposal on Christmas (3)RS

How We Met: It was a random weekend during the Summer of 2012, when Jill and her friends decided to road trip from Long Island to Atlantic City, NJ. AC was the place to go when you wanted to have a fun weekend getaway with your girlfriends. Pat headed to Atlantic City that same weekend, for his friend, Jeff’s, bachelor party. Pat had never been to Atlantic City before (growing up in Sarasota, FL), but boy was he not expecting to meet his future wife that weekend! The weather ended up being terrible that Saturday, and both groups congregated in the lobby bar of the Tropicana Hotel. It wasn’t long before the two groups started mingling. Pat introduced himself and he and Jill instantly clicked, as they both worked in the advertising industry. They spent the rest of the day/night together and promised to meet up once they returned home. Jill met Pat in Hoboken, NJ where he lived just one week after they first met. They had their first date at Bin 14, a cute wine and tapas bar on the main drag of town. The couple was inseparable, started dating, and moved in together after just 6 months.

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how they asked: After two and a half years of living together, Pat decided it was time to make things official. On Christmas Day 2014, Pat headed to Jill’s parent’s home on Long Island. Little did Jill know that her engagement ring had been wrapped, and sitting underneath their Christmas tree, in their NJ apartment, for over a month! There, with Jill’s parents and grandparents by their side, Pat proposed with a big box, and a million little boxes wrapped inside. When Jill got to the final, and tiniest box, Pat popped the question!

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The couple still jokes that Pat never got down on one knee due to logistical and space issues (the coffee table was in the way!) During their engagement photo shoot they reenacted proposal pictures to get it all on camera.

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The two are getting married at Crystal Springs Resort in New Jersey next August and couldn’t be more excited for their big day in the mountains! They both remain in the advertising industry, and Jill enjoys writing all about their wedding planning on her lifestyle blog, Pink & Polka Dots.

Jill and Pat Surprise Marriage Proposal on Christmas (4)RS