Jill and John

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Budapest, Hungary

How We Met

John and I actually met on the dating app, Bumble! We are truly a modern love story, ha! He travels a lot for work, so we actually matched on Bumble right before he was leaving to work out of town for 4 months, womp womp! But we actually talked and texted all through out the 4 months he was gone, so by the time he was home we knew our “first date” would be make or break. We’ve been together ever since!

how they asked

John and I both love to travel, and he grew up in a golf loving family. Every summer, they travel to Scotland to golf. This year, I got the invite! So we planned our own trip after Scotland and traveled to Prague and Budapest. On our last night in Budapest, we were planning to have dinner at a nice restaurant on their terrace overlooking the Danube River. We’d made reservations months in advance! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to eat on the terrace because it was closed… for a wedding! Luckily, John showed our server the ring and told him the plan while I had gone to the restroom. After dinner, the restaurant apologized that we didn’t get to eat on the terrace and took us up to a smaller private terrace overlooking the river and the Parliament building. I was admiring the view and snapping photos (the night time photo is the last one I took not-engaged!) – I turned around from taking pictures and John was down on one knee with my DREAM RING. The perfect classic solitaire!

All of my friends suspected he might propose while we were in Europe, but I never dreamed he would sneak a diamond around Europe! His sister and my college roommate assisted in hiding the ring from me during the trip! After the proposal, he admitted that he had dropped the ring box at the airport in Prague right in front of me! Luckily, I didn’t notice because I was too busy enjoying the airport’s free Wi-Fi! Ha!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Budapest, Hungary