Jill and Jason

How We Met

Jay and I met in a semi-unconventional way; through online dating! We had both signed up for OKCupid and I hadn’t met anyone that made me swoon. It was my last try at online dating so I thought I would check my messages again to make sure I didn’t pass anyone up. Little did I know that my future husband had messaged me that day! We started messaging back and forth on the website for about a month and we finally met up for some drinks at a local bar. We both felt like we had known each other for years! After that the rest is history!

how they asked

In the week leading up to our engagement, Jay had told me that he planned for us to have a date night on Saturday which entailed going to the beach to watch the seaturtles lay their eggs ( it was seaturtle season in Florida) and dinner afterwards. He played up the seaturtle sightings by telling me that there were marine biologists and volunteers at the beach to walk us through the egg laying process to us. Saturday evening came and we headed to the beach, I was excited to see some seaturtles and take some good pictures of these wonderful creatures! Once we got there, he lead me down to the shoreline and we walked from one side of the pier to the other. All of a sudden, we stopped walking which is when I noticed that there were no seaturtle nests or seaturtles around and Jay went into his speech and got down on one knee! I was so surprised and excited, I couldn’t believe it was happening. After he proposed he told me to look up the hill where a photographer was hiding and captured the whole thing!

Once we finished at the beach, I was dying to call all of my family and friends. Jay made me promise that I would call them after dinner and enjoy our time as a newly engaged couple. I kept my promise and didn’t call anyone in the car on the way down to the restaurant. Once we arrived at the downtown area, Jay suggested we go to a different restaurant for a drink. I had my reservations as I didn’t think we had enough time before dinner but I agreed. We walked over towards the bar and when Jay brought me around the corner, I was shocked and overwhelmed to see both of our families and all of our friends standing there waiting to congratulate us! It was such a surprise!! I had no idea that everyone knew but me! Jay had contacted all of my best friends from high school and college which made everything even more special. August 15, 2015

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