Jilian and Eric

Engagement Collage

Saying that yesterday was the best day of my life is an understatement. Unbeknownst to me, Eric spent the last 4 months secretly planning and communicating with our families for the event that would take place on December 18, 2015. Words can’t encompass how incredible our proposal was. A quick(ish) summary that won’t do any justice for the real deal: I arrived at my favorite location in downtown Minneapolis to show Eric’s sister, Emily, who was visiting. She had to take an emergency work call, so I ventured off to the 14th floor to meet up with her. There, I was greeted with a letter that told me to enter Studio D, shut the door behind me, turn on the stereo, and to cherish every moment and memory that was about to take place. Each room I was guided to represented a chapter of our lives together: high school, Eric’s families memories, my families memories, and our journey through college. Each room also had a book filled with photos that Eric picked out, handwritten notes, meaningful songs, and surprise visitors (all of my favorite people). Eventually, I arrived at the second to last room. There, I found Eric sitting across from my 10 year old brother JC. Eric (and the whole world) knows JC means the world to me. In this room, my note told me to act as a ghost in the room and observe around me. I watched Eric talk to JC about so many things (note: I was sobbing the entire proposal – not a cute little cry, sobbing) and finally ask my favorite little guy if he wanted to officially be Eric’s brother, and if JC was okay with Eric asking me to be his forever. JC grinned ear to ear and said “yes!!”, told me to wait until they left the room to go view items hidden on a table, and my two favorite boys left the room holding hands. I can’t put what I found at the table, or the whole proposal, into words to describe how thoughtful, emotional, exciting, heartfelt, and perfect it was. There at the table was the card that Eric wrote me the day my dad passed away, 4 years prior. There were pictures of all of us, as well as of my grandpa who recently joined my dad in heaven, among other memories. One of the notes said that Eric left this as the last thing for me to see so I would know that my dad & grandparents were there with me, even though they couldn’t physically be. I headed toward the last room: a glass dome over viewing downtown Minneapolis, where my family and Eric’s family lined the area leading me to Eric, and the song we talked about having our first dance to playing. He gave the most incredible speech… reflecting on the last 6+ years, his aspirations for our future, and reminding me that before my father passed, Eric told my dad that his only daughter would always be safe with him. With my heart more full and certain than it’s ever been, I was able to say “YES!” when my best friend, the love of my life, and my now fiancé (!!!) asked if I would marry him in front of my favorite people, in the most elaborate and perfect proposal. Knowing that it would be impossible to describe the proposal and do it justice, Eric secretly hired a videographer that captured the proposal with 8 go pros and a handful of other high quality cameras (Thank you Josh Banks!!) I am so excited and blessed to be marrying my best friend!

Special Thanks

Josh Banks