Jhosselinne and Matheus's Emotional Movie Night Proposal

Jhosselinne & Matheus

how we met

We talked on Facebook. (Yeah, weird, I know) I received a direct message from him asking if we knew each other because we had many mutual friends from his church. “Here we go” I thought “another creeper.”

However, we got to talking and he told me his story. After that we were always in contact and started an odd friendship over the phone. Since he was on active duty at the time, we formally met when he came to Miami for an event that his church was hosting.

Nerves overcame me and I was hesitating to meet him face-to-face, but as my friend spotted him, called his name, and pulled me to him, I had no choice! He smiled and turned to me with a large grin and an even larger mustache. He had a rugged look but his eyes had a playful gleam. I was swooning over a guy with a mustache. WHAT!?

That’s when I knew something was different. As we got to talking, it turns out our parents were old friends and we reconnected them!

Fast forward to two and a half years of talking and one day I finally asked: “What do you want with me?” and that’s when it all started. One year and a half and many ups and downs later, here we are.

Jhosselinne & Matheus

how they asked

He was acting extremely weird. Turning off his GPS locator, not answering texts, and sneaking out baby albums from my house…

His family had said that they wanted to do a movie night at my church so we could test out our new 28 ft screen. I innocently agreed because it was just going to be a casual thing after all.

They started to invite everyone and their mother to the movie night, and they ALL confirmed that they were going!

It was weird because we had never gotten such a good turn out from so many people. On Saturday, the night of the movie, I go inside church early and I see my mom setting up cocktail tables and lots of finger food being organized on them.

We usually have nachos and hotdogs so I DEFINITELY smelled something fishy. My mom excused herself by saying that she wanted to impress the visitors and knowing how flashy she likes to be, I let it go.

During the movie, as I was sitting next to my boyfriend (now FIANCEE!), I noticed he was fidgeting for an hour straight!

My uncle, and the church’s graphic designer, proceeded to tell me to announce a summer camp that the church was hosting, after the movie of course. He also told me to announce that a promo video would be played and then everyone could leave.

OHHHHH NO I thought. Something’s going down.

The movie finally ended and I walked up to the stage, grabbed the microphone, and began to announce our summer camp. It was odd because after the movie no one was even getting ready to leave, so I got even more nervous.

I saw a camera man coming in on my right and I figured it out so I quickly wrapped it up and announced the video.

I tried to run off the stage, but once I got to the stairs, there he was, my boyfriend pulled me back on stage and as I turned around, a video began to play.

It was a beautiful slideshow of us with our song playing in the background. I could barely even watch without turning to him saying, Is this for real!? Are you serious!?

I was overwhelmed with emotion, reminiscing on our journey and what a rollercoaster it has all been. Yeah, I ugly cried.

Then, there it was on the big screen, those four words: Will you marry me?

Emotional Church Movie Night Proposal (8)

Emotional Church Movie Night Proposal (1)

Emotional Church Movie Night Proposal (6)

My heart stopped when I read the first word. The lights turned back on and he was in front of me (and ALL of our loved ones) holding the most gorgeous ring in his hands. I didn’t even pay attention to what he said! All I remember is being at a loss for words while nodding my head. I thought YES YES YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES!

Emotional Church Movie Night Proposal (2)

Everyone cheered, our family and leaders prayed for us and we had a great time eating, laughing, and celebrating this big step we just took.

Am I terrified? YES! Am I happy? YES! Am I sure? More than anything.

Jhosselinne & Matheus

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