Jheannnelle and Derek

Image 3 of Jheannnelle and Derek

How We Met

We met how a lot of couples meet nowadays… online! I thought I gave Derek the smoothest pickup line on Bumble… however he strongly disagrees with that 😂 !

Image 1 of Jheannnelle and Derek

Last year we did a 31-day cross country road trip filled with laughter, excitement, beautiful views, and so much more… spending the majority of our sleeping time in our truck. The trip just solidified even more that we were truly each other’s match.

Image 2 of Jheannnelle and Derek

How They Asked

Derek was able to pull out the best proposal, planning that I heard included PowerPoint slides and excel sheets 🤣🤣. He surprised me in his hometown taking me to an Apple orchard under the disguise of picking up flowers for his mom ❤️. Then getting down on one knee, and having my best friend and husband jump out of hiding to capture our moment!!

Image 6 of Jheannnelle and Derek

He then added on to an already amazing proposal by having our families and a few close friends celebrate with us right after the proposal!!

Image 5 of Jheannnelle and Derek

Image 4 of Jheannnelle and Derek

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