Jezica and Jared

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How We Met

I left South Africa for a year of ‘finding myself’ and to be an English teacher in Thailand. Little did i know that along with finding myself, i would find my other half too.

Jared and i had the same idea, move over seas, travel,experience a new culture and live. Neither of us knew just how life changing it would be :)

We both did our TEFL course in Thailand, thats where we met. Once qualified as a TEFL teacher i wanted to be placed anywhere but bangkok and Jared wanted to be in bangkok. I wouldnt say it was love at first site, but what i did know was I was drown to him like no other before. Neither of us were expecting anything but a little fling before he went off to bangkok and myself up north. But Fate had a completely different idea, I had been offered a job about an hour out of where Jared was place (well maybe this could work, an hour isnt too far right?) After spending a lovely two week holiday down on the islands , i was dreading saying goodbye when i got a phone call from my agent saying my school had been changed to a school in the same area as Jareds infact it was 5 minutes away..

how they asked

Jared and I were down on holiday seeing my family in South Africa.In Thailand we had this tradition of doing spontaneous activities and weekends away so when Jared told me he had planned a week full of surprises I wasn’t too shocked. the week consisted of all my favorite things, going to the rose farm and picking roses, walks on the beach, long drives around my beautiful city, big wheel rides and watching the sunset from one of the best spots in Cape Town. On the day of the proposal i got woken up very early and told that i should pack a bag and some clothes as i might get cold. Not having the slightest clue where we were going i packed my bag in a hurry and got into the car not knowing that i would return home with a fiance. We drove for what felt like forever until we got to the cutest little town called Franschoek where we had lunch and booked into the most beautiful hotel ever. Jared told me to be ready by 5pm as we had plans for dinner. We went wine tasting on a beautiful wine farm where he then lead me to a beautiful picnic between the vineyard where he asked me the be his wife. We both were in tears even before he took the ring out. it is so clear that our souls were made for one another.
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