Jeymi and Emmanuel

How We Met: Our parents knew each other since before Emmanuel and I were born. When my family moved to the United States, we lost contact with his family. I actually met him for the first time in 2005, when I visited the Dominican Republic and attended youth camp. The rest was history, as he called me just about two days after I got back home. We became close friends, and while I began to fall in love with him, I struggled with many insecurities about whether we would work out. Emmanuel kept loving and pursuing me through it all. We began dating, and we did for two years, but I ended up breaking the relationship off. Soon enough I realized I couldn’t live without him and I suffered a very painful heartbreak. But God worked it all out in His timing and we started dating again in August 2014. 4 months later, Emmanuel proposed!

how they asked: After we started dating again, we had begun to talk about our wedding and when we would like to get married. Emmanuel asked me to start looking at venues, but I told him I didn’t really want to start planning anything until there was a ring on my finger. He came to visit me in North Carolina from Ohio with his parents for the Christmas holiday. We had a dinner planned, and I was imagining that he would propose at the restaurant, considering it was a good time to do it since his parents were here. But he didn’t propose at the restaurant, so I just took it as a night out with my boyfriend. We came back home after dinner, and I wasn’t expecting what I saw when the door opened. The floor was full of rose petals, there were candles lit everywhere, my favorite love song playing, and the whole family waiting for the moment to happen. Emmanuel got down on one knee, and the next thing I knew there was a lovely ring on my finger and I said yes!