Jewel and Jason

How We Met

Every year the local bowling alley hosts a Midwinter tournament over Super Bowl weekend. It’s a big party, really. This is where it all began, nearly 3 years ago. The first day of the tournament I noticed this guy, Jason, and for some reason I caught myself looking for him all day. Turns out (just my luck), we were placed next to each other (every new game, everyone moves to a different lane) for every game. After many eye catches and look-a-ways, he finally spoke first “Hey, how’s it going?” Who knew something so basic and simple could be so….ah! *cue racing heart*

Since then, he kept making cute comments every time he walked by. At one point we were up on the same lane and he said “if I get a strike, you have to go on a date with me!” Me thinking, “yeah right like that will happen,” I said “alright, do it, I dare ya!” Sure enough, he got a strike. It has been a running joke ever since. Our “first date” entailed him begging my to go watch the Super Bowl at his house with dinner. I stalled because I was thinking, “this is a complete stranger, I know nothing about him, but he is interesting, I am interested.” I finally talked myself into taking a leap of faith and go for it, however the football game was over so I wasn’t sure what we would do. I show up and he already had movies out to choose from and said we could do what ever I wanted. To my surprise, it was so easy to talk to him and be myself without feeling nervous or uptight. I knew this could be something special at that moment.

how they asked

Jump to Memorial Day weekend.. the fire station up at Laramie Peak hosts an ATV poker run every year to raise funds to supports the fire station and community. Anyways. There is always a checkpoint at the bottom of Black Mountain, which at the top is a lookout tower that overseas the entire valley; a 360 view of God’s creation. It’s BEAUTIFUL. It is always tradition to ride to the top and soak in the views. This was Jason’s first year on the trip and I couldn’t have been more excited to show him what the lookout was like. (it is something you have to see for yourself to understand the beauty!) When we get to the top, he is standing there and I said “Well, what do you think?!” His response…”I know one day I will marry you, you don’t know that yet, but we will. This will be where I ask you, I don’t know when, but this is it” *cue heart stop* I was so taken back by this that I just mumbled out “yeah ok cool, it’s time to go” The rest of the day I just kept thinking, “was he serious? what do I do now? Help!” (me being a girl and over thinking everything, you know what I mean)

Flash forward two more years, Memorial Day Weekend 2017. By this time, we have bought a house, had a puppy together, discussed rings, went ring shopping, you know, the works. However, I still didn’t think much of actually getting engaged. I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with Jason and I didn’t really care when it happened, I was happy regardless. Anyways, I was looking at the map of the trail and checkpoints for this year’s route. To my shock, there was not a stop at the bottom of the mountain. Like WHAT, there is always a stop?! My dad immediately says “we will go to the top any ways, it is tradition” GREAT! (still thinking nothing of it, sign #1) Off we go, up the mountain. This trail is 3 miles up steep, rocky, rough terrain, which is why we usually take a break about half way (or so) up and have a drink. The view is still beautiful here so it makes up for the stop.

Jewel and Jason's Engagement in Black Mountain Look Out, Laramie, Peak, WY

As we were starting to all head up, Jason says “babe, I cannot get the four wheeler to start, help” (I know nothing about this stuff so I was like ……uh) Meanwhile, everyone is leaving up the mountain and here we are, alone, with a broken four wheeler. I look back and Jason and he is smiling, and says “let’s go!” I am like “what happened you fixed it?!” He chuckles, and says “yes, we have to go, we are last!” (still oblivious to the plan, sign #2)

As we came around the slight bend, we reached the top. Heart. Stops. There is was, the one sign I needed to see it all. Mom and Dad (two of the most important people of my life) were holding a sign saying ‘Jewel – WILL YOU MARRY ME?” *cue tears – and I mean sobbing, ugly crying tears* Jason helps me off the four wheeler and walks over to my dad. I am standing there, speechless. Besides me blubbering, I remember it being so quiet. Everyone was surrounding us waiting quietly for the famous words.. you know what they are. Jason comes over, graciously gets down on one knee *cue more happy (still blubbery) tears* “Jewel, you make me the happiest I have ever been, I want to spend forever with you, will you marry me?” …….. I blubber out, “yes!” Everyone starts cheering as I jump into my forever! It was the best day of my life and I could not be happier. I am excited to start this new chapter with my now FIANCE!