Jewel and Ameer

Jewel and Ameer's Engagement in In DC at the Georgetown waterfront during the sunset

How We Met

On October 26, 2017, I went on a trip to Antigua with @collindevonevents along with 130+ people to support a dear friend and celebrate his 30th birthday. On the third day of the trip, on a boat in the middle of the sea, I separated myself from the crowd and went to the top of the boat to watch the sunset. While I was at the top, one of the men on the trip asked to join me, his name was Ameer. Ameer and I talked the entire sunset about life, love and God. We made a connection as we watched the sunset in Antigua, then we talked for hours when we returned to the resort, and continued talking until about 3am on a secluded beach. As we talked the constellation “Orion’s Belt” shined on a new love story. The next day, Ameer asked me what would happen with our connection after the trip since I lived in DC and he lived in Brooklyn, NY. I told him that it was up to him. Our flight landed from Antigua the night of October 29th and by 3pm on October 30, 2017, Ameer drove from Brooklyn, NY to DC and asked, “Will you be my girlfriend?” Which he followed with the statement, “This is one of the first of many titles I see myself calling you.” We have been together, working through the long distance ever since.

how they asked

The night before the proposal I had a big Christmas party and I was set to go to brunch with some friends that were in town that morning. I was still tired from the Christmas party and Ameer reminded me that we had a date later that day. I had completely forgotten and asked if we could reschedule because I was tired and I just wanted to relax that day. He said we had reservations that we couldn’t cancel so I agreed to go on the date, but tried to reason with him on my attire. Could I wear my glasses? Could I wear a casual outfit? Could I keep my cozy sweater on? He said no and I asked him to pick out something for me to wear since he knew where we were going. Now if you are reading this story, you are thinking that I should have known, but I still had no clue. I went to brunch with my friends, thinking nothing of it. As we ended brunch Ameer called and said he was coming to pick me up. I asked if we could go to Sephora so I could get a new lipgloss on our way to wherever we were going, to which he obliged. We drove to Georgetown in DC and I was still completely oblivious… until we held hands. We are walking while holding hands and it is cold out so he puts our hands in his pocket, but then – almost instantly- throws my hand out of his pocket. My first reaction is shock and confusion, but then, suddenly, in my mind, I’m thinking, “Wait. Why doesn’t he want my hand in his pocket? What is in his pocket? The ring must be in his pocket!” So as soon as we walk into Sephora I spray on perfume, get my new lipgloss and put lotion on my hands. I start to move my rings from my left hand to my right hand. I begin to check every mirror to make sure I look presentable. I try to act cool and calm, but and I’m bubbling with excitement. We leave Sephora and he says,” So I thought we could go to our first date restaurant.” That was when I 1000% knew it was happening. On December 7, 2019, as we watched the sunset at the Georgetown Waterfront, near where we had our first date, my amazing Ameer asked me to marry him. I said yes and ever since I’ve asked him to ask me again multiple times, because I love the way he loves me and I want to relive the amazing proposal over and over. More than anything, I want to keep doing life with him, laughing with him & growing with him. Who would have known that a trip with over 130 people, would give me a friend, a loving partner, and a devoted fiancé.