Jesus Manuel and Brenda

Engagement Proposal Ideas in El Paso, Texas

How We Met

A Durango native and a Juarez native meet in El Paso, TX on February 14, 2014, and the rest is history.

Manuel and Brenda’s business degrees brought them both to UT El Paso, where Manuel decided to show Brenda the ropes during his Investment Workshops for a Finance Student Organization. Manuel, a graduate of Mechanical Engineering was perusing his second degree in Finance, and Brenda, a freshman, quickly became inseparable but remained friends. It wasn’t until October 10 of the same year where they both confessed their love and started dating all through college.

Jesus Manuel and Brenda's Engagement in El Paso, Texas

This made Manuel’s upcoming move to New York City to work for International Business Machines hard on their relationship. The couple was 2,200 miles apart but successfully dated long distance for two years before he moved back to Texas. They now both live in Midtown in Dallas and continue to share a passion for the finance industry. Together, the couple likes to ride scooters and try new restaurants, but their favorite thing to do is going on road trips. Some of their favorite road trips have been to Toronto, Canada; to the beach in New York, and of course to snowy cabins in Ruidoso, NM.

Proposal Ideas El Paso, Texas

how they asked

When you’re passionate about road trips, a weekend getaway to visit family and friends is a must. Manuel had been wanting to pop the question during their road trips since graduation but he knew Brenda has always been close to her family and her Mexican traditions, so when he knew her Dad was coming to the States to visit he panned out every detail of the visit — including the surprise proposal.

The couple was to have dinner with both of their families for Manuel to ask Brenda’s hand in marriage, but little did she know, that dinner would first have a beautiful proposal. When Brenda came home to a dark and empty house after the beauty salon it just didn’t add up to the plans. Confused, she went outside and there he was, Manuel proceeded to get down on a knee and propose with a beautiful serenade of mariachis and their families at sunset.

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