Jesus Javier and Mayra

Jesus Javier and Mayra's Engagement in Gerald D. Hines WaterWall Park

How We Met

Jesus and I met at Beto’s house, which happens to be his best friend. It was on a Sunday football night and ever since then we started hanging out on Friday’s, Saturday’s, and on Sunday’s we gathered to make barbecue. After several gatherings, on May the 20th, Jesus asked me to be his girlfriend at his best friend’s house.

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Jesus Javier's Proposal in Gerald D. Hines WaterWall Park

How They Asked

On a Saturday afternoon, December the 8th, Jesus and I were supposed to attend a dinner from his job in Downtown Houston, Texas, but then out of nowhere he took me to Gerald D. Hines WaterWall Park, in Houston. When we passed by the WaterWall, my impression was that it looked beautiful and that I had never seen it before. We parked close by and we walked towards the waterfall, and in front there was a huge building. The first question I asked Jesus was, “are we having dinner up there in that building?”, and he answered “Yes”. He told me that we should sit on a bench to wait for some coworkers, so I sat down. After some minutes, Jesus told me that we should go take some pictures at the WaterWall and we walked to it. While we were waiting for people to take their pictures, a woman with a camera came to us and asked us if she could take us some pictures because she was taking a photography class, of course we said yes, and asked her to take a picture of us with my phone. At the moment that the picture was taken, Jesus knelt down in one knee and pulled out the ring.

He popped the question in Spanish, “Te quieres casar conmigo?”, and I happily said “YES”. At the exact moment both of our families that live in Brownsville, Texas, came out from one side of the WaterWall with a banner, “Mayra, will you marry me?”. In that moment I was so glad and in shock because I couldn’t believe it was really happening and that all of our family was present in this beautiful moment of our lives.