Jestene and Benton

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how they asked

We were on a family vacation at Disneyland, not only the happiest place on earth but our favorite place to celebrate Christmas together since we’ve been together the past 5 and a half years. (Thanks to my parents) My parents had me convinced that we were just taking family pictures in front of the castle, which was totally normal for our family. It was then our turn to take a picture after waiting in line in front of the castle.

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We went first for a “couple picture” and as we stood there he said he had a “present for me” and if I wanted it then or later. I got so nervous as to what could happen in front of all those people that I ignored him so he asked again! I turned to him and he got down on one knee, pulled out the perfect ring, popped the question.

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Of course I said yes! I couldn’t be more excited to be engaged to my best friend ??

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