Jessyka and Jordan

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How We Met

Our first date took a month of the groundwork for me to say yes. Not entirely because I wanted to play “hard to get”, mostly because I knew my heart would never be the same. There was something about his confidence, sly smirk, contagious laugh and story eyes that made something inside me “just know”. I didn’t realize I was drowning until he walked into my life (aka the bar I was working at). It was like I could breathe for the first time in years. I knew I wanted more, but I couldn’t let him know that…

Jordan and I met at On The Rocks, a pub I was bartending at, on September 13th, 2014. He came in for his friends birthday lunch with a handful of boys. He instantly stood out from the crowd, not because he was donning baggy white jeans, a tropical bird print beach tee, a snapback hat (with the sticker still on) and a confident strut, because when he smiles he smiles with his entire face. His eyes actually glimmer. He came off as the IDGAF type, but his genuine smile and contagious giggle said otherwise. Although he could blind me with his sly smirk, I had to ID him. When I did, I realized he was three years younger than me, and friends with my younger sisters… Insert eye roll. Looks like our fairytale, fell in love, at first sight, was over before it even began…

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A few days later, Jordan came back into the pub, this time, by himself. He walked in and my heart, once again, felt like it was going to leap out of my chest. Being in his presence, even if it was only the second time, was comforting. I honestly feel like we were meant for each other, cut from the same cloth. When he walked in, all the chaos in my world, at that time quite literally it was the fact that food needed to be run and drinks needed to be made, nonetheless, was silenced. He sat up at my bar and we talked for a few hours before he had to go to work. I couldn’t get him out of my head, then he added me on Facebook.

Sunday, October 5th, I was supposed to be studying for a Sociology exam, but I was much happier getting to know Jordan. We talked over messenger all day, from morning until we both fell asleep. For the third time, he asked me on a date, and I am so happy I said yes.

Every day since that first day when he walked into my life, everything makes sense. With him, I am brave enough to take chances, even if I fail he is there to catch me. I am not afraid of being vulnerable because he nurtures my heart, feeds my soul and intoxicates my mind.

The first time he told me he loved me, he meant it, and I knew. The sound of “you” escaping his lips was weighted more than ever before. He really meant “me” – the journey we would embark on, the struggles that come with a relationship and a love that would last a lifetime were all promised in those three words.

The best decision I ever made was the one when I gave him my heart. Three years ago I accepted that my life was going to change forever; within moments of laughing over appetizers, my heart leaped out of my chest and into his hands. Without hesitation, he held on and continues to handle it with care.

Our love now takes shape in a sly smiling, contagious giggling, dark eyed beautiful little girl and I am forever grateful to him for making me her mom.

I love doing life with you. I look forward to our future, and more than anything, I look forward to being your wife.

Many things have changed in the past three years, but some things never will: the breath of fresh air I feel whenever he walks into a room, the butterflies that flutter when he kisses me, the way only he can make me laugh & when he tells me he loves me, I know.

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how they asked

My sister (the photographer) called me a couple months before and we planned a weekend getaway for Canada Day. (Meanwhile, her and Jordan had already planned the whole thing but sneakily made it seem like it was my idea).

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We wanted to see Moraine Lake, at sunrise. So, at 3 am on July 1st, we woke up in Golden BC and drove 2 hours to Moraine Lake. We got our 7-month-old baby bundled and ready for an adventure. Little did I know this adventure was going to solidify our bond as a family, it was the beginning of our journey to me sharing their last name.

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We got there at 5:25 am. The whole drive Jordan was a bit “off”. Normally really funny, witty & excited, he was weirdly nervous about “missing the sunrise”. I kept telling him to chill, the sun comes up for so long in the mountains I highly doubt we’ll miss daylight entirely… Haha, I was being a bit of a smart ass. (Thankfully he still wanted to marry me). When we got to the lodge, Jordan suggested that Sam wear Jaxzen (our daughter) in the baby carrier. I thought that was a bit odd because he loves wearing her for hikes, but, I was just excited to get to the top of the mountain so it didn’t matter to me. I then leaned in to get the truck keys from Jordan, right into his pocket, thankfully my sister had the ring box, so still no hint that I’d be getting engaged.

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It was funny because the night before I had butterflies thinking of “how perfect it would be if he asked me to marry him tomorrow” but talked myself out of it because I didn’t want to ruin an already amazing trip if it didn’t happen.

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Once at the top of the mountain, overlooking the gorgeous blue lake, I nursed our daughter, walked around, took a bunch of photos and just kind of went about the morning. Meanwhile, Jordan is so nervous. He couldn’t stop pacing. I said to him “can you just enjoy the moment? Why are you so antsy” that’s when he asked me for family photos, (I LOVE photos, so I was ecstatic) then he asked to get photos of just him and I, once again a bit weird because Jaxzen is our whole world. So, I passed Jax to her Uncle Justin and went over to where Jordan was waiting for me.

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Immediately when I got over to him Jordan started to talk, when I looked into his eyes they were watery! He had this entire speech planned but all that came out was “You know how much I love you, right?… Like for the rest of my life?” I looked at him and said “OMG NO. YOU’RE NOT DOING THIS. ARE YOU REALLY DOING THIS!?” Then a pause… I was like “GUYS. Are you joking?” Then Sam handed Jordan the ring box and he got down on his knee. The rest is a complete blur.

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I thought I would bawl, surprisingly I was so overwhelmed I just squealed and said yes! Then we kissed a lot. We walked around the lake for about 2 hours. When we got back to the truck Jordan was able to tell me the entire speech he had planned and that’s when I bawled. It became real we were GETTING MARRIED. We then went to celebrate at Chateau Lake Louise for breakfast. It could not have been more perfect, even if I had planned it myself.

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A dream come true.

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