Jessyca and Brandon

how we met

We both lived in Florida and went to the same middle school. In 7th grade, I asked Brandon if he wanted to go to the movies together and he said yes. Now, if you asked Brandon what happened that night, he will tell you that he tried to kiss me and I palmed him in the forehead to stop him. I, on the other hand, don’t remember that happening. That was the only date we had together until life brought us back together 15 years later. In 2016, Brandon found me on Facebook and decided to add me as a friend. For a while, we were Facebook acquaintances, but then we started asking each other how life has been, what are we doing nowadays, and all of those typical catch-up questions. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, this guy is SUPER handsome and so funny!” I kept my eye on him, but it wasn’t until the end of that year that we figured out we were actually interested in each other.

At the time, I lived in California, but I had to come to Florida for a work trip in January 2017, and I asked Brandon if we could meet up for coffee, donuts, or a drink. I’m pretty sure he said he was down to go out for all three. So one night, we agreed to go to a bar for a drink. I thought I was going to drive myself there, but Brandon ended up asking me if I wanted him to pick me up. I said yes. Right then and there our “meet up” turned into a date. I knew the night we went on our “second” first date in January 2017.

The moment I opened the door and saw him standing there in his work suit, I was in awe. I think we both were. That night, while Brandon went to go use the restroom, I texted a couple of my friends and told them I was in love. He gave me a feeling in my heart that I’ve never felt before, but always dreamed of. The way he looked at me was so sincere, loving, and magical.Before I left Florida to head back California, I knew I was moving back. I knew that Brandon and I had something special, and I wasn’t going to let that disappear. Two months later, all of my belongings were packed and I started living in Florida again, with the love of my life.

how they asked

A couple days after I moved back to Florida, Brandon and I went on a cruise together. (Which by the way, we planned during our first date. He literally said “Hey, my brother and his wife and I are going on a cruise in March, would you want to go with me?” and I said yes!) On the second night of the cruise, right before the Captain’s dinner, we were dressed up all nice and decided to take some pictures together on our balcony. I started taking photos, and then Brandon took a couple, and then he asked me to take a couple more. So here I am, trying to take a selfie together and all of a sudden something else is in the frame…..wait. What is that? A ring?!?! Two seconds later, Brandon proposed to me and of course I said yes.

Later on, I found out that the reason he didn’t get down on one knee and do it, was because he had a small rip in his pants, and he was afraid that if he knelt down, they would completely rip. He didn’t have any other pants to wear to dinner, so he improvised haha!

The ring he proposed with was beautiful!! It was vintage with a modern twist.  It actually had two twists on the side that was full of diamonds, with one larger diamond in the middle.  It was halo-like but not completely.  I loved the ring, but unfortunately, Brandon didn’t buy the matching band and it didn’t exist anymore. So, we ended up going back to Kay’s and exchanging it for a different one. The one I have now is still along the same lines as the first one, but slightly bigger. Did I say slightly? I meant definitely bigger haha. It still has the halo look, with twists of diamonds on the side. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Special Thanks