Jessika and Jesse - A Cute Video Too!

Jessika’s Story: The Holidays are many people’s favorite time of the year. Jesse and I are not the exception. We love everything about the season. From the the decorating, to the most important part; Family together. Growing up in a small town, we sometimes do not get the holiday feel that we see on TV like the snow, the huge shopping malls, or the ice skating rinks. So Jesse and I take our annual Christmas trip to San Francisco. After a long day of shopping and exploring, we decided to go back to the hotel to take a nap and recharge our batteries for my first time ice skating! When we got there we grabbed our skates and and as we were waiting for our group to enter the rink, they called out Jesse and Jessika to the rink. My first thought was that Jesse arranged this for me since I had never been skating and he knew how excited I was about it. as we walked into the rink, our song began to play and we made our way towards the center of the rink, not neccesarily skating :) that is when he stopped me, and….well you can see for yourself (video below!)

Jesse’s Story:
I had known for years that Jessika was the one, but was waiting for the right time to take the next step in our relationship. I had the ring for 2 months (October) but knew the question would not be popped until we took our annual San Francisco Christmas trip. Jessika was so excited this year because we were going to go ice skating, which neither one of us had done before. After a long day of shopping, we went back to the Ritz Carlton where we were staying at (with my friend’s employee rate) to recharge our batteries. While Jessika took a nap, I used the excuse of walking to starbucks, to meet with the ice skating rink manager. There, I arranged for him to play our song and clear the ice when we arrived arrived later that night. When we arrived I was so nervous that things would not go as planned, but they went perfect. We put on our gloves, laced up our skates, and then….

Photos by Los Angeles Wedding Photography Megan Welker!