Jessie and Josh

IMG_4395How we met: Josh works with one of my best friend Chelsie’s husband. 2 summers ago my group of friends was having a cookout at Chelsie’s house. It was late and we had moved inside and started playing some games. Josh got a late invite to come join in on the games. To this day I can remember, he walked in wearing sweat pants and neon green shoes with a scruffily face. However, due to the fact that there was an even amount of guys and girls at the cookout Josh assumed I was taken and didn’t say a word to me. I ended up leaving not too long after Josh arrived. As soon as I left, I began getting several texts from Chelsie about Josh. He had been informed that I was single. Finally (after quite a bit of convincing) he got the courage to message me. Our first date was about a month later. We saw Snow White and The Huntsman, ate at Olive Garden, and walked around a local park. The rest is history! Every now and then someone will tease him about his laid back attire the first time we saw each other. He always comes back with something like, “No one told me there would be a single girl around!” It makes for a good laugh.

how they asked: Pictures have never been something Josh enjoys. This past Christmas a local photographer was offering Christmas photo sessions. I took it upon myself to book one for me and Josh so I could actually have so good pictures of the two of us. I told him when and where the pictures were going to be. He wasn’t too happy about it but didn’t oppose either. Several days before the session my friend, Katelyn, convinces me to go shopping for a new shirt to wear in the pictures. While we’re out she just so happens to throw some bright red nail polish in with my stuff saying that I should paint my nails to match my outfit. I didn’t think anything of it. Later I found out that she was totally in on everything. While we were shopping, Josh was asking my parent’s permission to marry me! December 1st 2013, we’re going through the motions of the photo session. Posing with the Christmas props just having a good time. The photographer pulls us away from the props and snaps a few more pictures.

Thinking the session is just about over I look up at Josh just as he’s reaching to his back pocket. I see the box as he brings his hand around and slowly drops to one knee. Now I know whats going on! “Jessica Rhea Dobbins, will you marry me?” I will never forget his voice saying those words. The rest can only be described with our pictures!

DSC_0060 DSC_0063 DSC_0066 DSC_0068 DSC_0069


Josh knew I’d always wanted my proposal captured in pictures. (Memories in pictures are very important to me.) He made sure I had that. He knew I wanted him to have my parents permission. He got it. He knew that I’d want my nails done. With Katelyn’s help, he made sure they were done.

I couldn’t have planned a better proposal myself!

Photos by Photography by Nikita