Jessie and Jason

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How We Met

The first day I met Jason was in PTA school Aug. 2012. I remember going to class on the first day of school and seeing this cute guy wearing grey sleeveless shirt that had Green Bay Packers on it and paired with black shorts with white sandals ( AKA Jason). I immediately was attracted to that guy. So, in class we had to go around the room asking questions to get to know each other. Jason was the last person I talked to (I was nervous to talk to him OKAY!). The first thing we talked about was of course the Green Bay Packers and Football. I am a huge fan and so is Jason. At the end of class, Jason gave me his green and yellow M & Ms that we got in class. I thought that was so cute and cheesy of him. After that, Jason sneakily got my cell phone number when I signed up for softball and started texting me right away. We have been together since then! :D

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how they asked

This was difficult to do for Jason since I am so stubborn. Hehehe! So this is how it went! : So, on Jan. 21st (4 days before our engagement), Jason and I had we getting ready for our Christmas party for work. I had my nails, hair, and makeup all done. When we were close to leaving, Jason wanted to take our golden Lambeau out to play fetch quick at the football field in Murdock. I then told him I would put sweatpants and tshirt on. (I didn’t want get my NEW silver jeans all muddy and dirty! ) Jason was not happy, He wanted me to wear nice clothes and I so didn’t since it was messy out. Jason was so adamant to go take Lambeau out and so we got in an argument on what I was wearing. HAHA stupid I know! After that, Jason had to go to the football field to tell his mom (his photographer) that I wasn’t coming. Not to mention, it was cold out and she was hiding out in the crow’s next for awhile! So little did I know, Jason was planning to pop the question ;) 4 days later on Jan. 25th on Wednesday. I told Jason I would try to get done early from work so we can take Lambeau out to play fetch on the football field. Well, that day didn’t go as plan (of course) and I got done little after 4 p.m. and still had to drive 35-40 mins to get home.

Didn’t want it to get dark out. When I finally got home, Jason was wearing jeans (Which right there I should of known something was up ;) ) and of course I was in my work clothes (sweatpants) but whateves! We took Lambeau to the football field in Murdock; the first place in Murdock Jason showed me. Jason also played football there when he was in high school. So, we played fetch with Lambeau for a little bit and Jason was talking about the future and how he would love to have our kids play football on that same football field he played on in high school. Then all of a sudden he threw his last fetch to Lambeau and Lambeau retrieved it and Jason went down and acted like he was reaching for Lambeau’s toy and all of a sudden Jason turned around and was on one knee.

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That’s when he asked me to marry him! Of course I freaked out and said YES!!! Funny thing, a week or so before our engagement, I teased Jason that I want to be asked to marry him on Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

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So like he says now, taking Lmabeau to the football field was the closest thing to the real deal at the time ;) He knows me too well!! Also, shout out to Jason’s mom for capturing our engagement pictures in the cold!!

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