Jessie and Zach

How We Met: Zach and I met in high school. We knew each other, but were not very close. After being my spontaneous prom date senior year, we hit it off! Throughout the summer of 2008 we spent a ton of time together and our relationship blossomed. The day I moved into college is the day Zach asked me to officially become his girlfriend! One of our first hikes together was also the exact place he proposed to me!Screenshot_2015-04-27-12-04-35-1

how they asked: Zach gathered our closes friends together for a hike up to Heublein Tower on Saturday afternoon. At first, it seemed stranger that our group of friends were going on a random hike together, especially since some of us were not dressed appropriately for a 30 minute hike. Once we reached the top where the tower was, we had a mini picnic and took some group photos. Zach and I decided to take a then and now photo in the same spot we took a picture together in 2008 when we first started dating.  It was in that spot, that Zach got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!