Jessie and Shaun

How We Met: We met through mutual friends & my ex boyfriend about 8 or 9 years ago. Secretly I think we always had a thing for one another.

how they asked: It was our 5 year anniversary.  I had family up from Florida who we barley see so we didn’t really have much planned to celebrate. We ended up all going out to dinner, after dinner we went back to my parents house to hangout, listen to music & drink. As I was 2 beers in & enjoying the company of my aunt & uncle. Shaun came up from downstairs. He handed me a book, I opened it realizing it was a scrapbook. At this point I wasn’t sure what was going on b.c earlier in the day we exchanged our anniversary gifts to one another. Everyone in the room started egging me up to read it. I was becoming flustered & shy but I did exactly as they asked & begun to read it.

At the end of the book was a little letter expressing his feelings at the end of the letter it said he had a question & everything else was blank. I look over & he was getting  down on one knee & nervously asked me to marry him. In his hand was  the most stunning ring I have ever laid my eyes on. I was shocked, excited, & most of all touched by all the thought he put into his Proposal. He put his time & heart into asking me, which means more then anything in this world! engage