Jessie and Nathan

Photo By Christin Marie Photography

How We Met

We have often been told that our story should be a Lifetime movie, I just think we had the best matchmaker. I met Nathan through his beautiful mother, Jennifer who was my patient at MD Anderson. Jennifer and I spent the day talking about animals and her giant collection of adopted animals. Towards the end of my shift, Jennifer asked if I was single and I told her yes, to which her response was “I have a son for you.” (Insert eye roll). She told me about Nathan and how great he is but I wasn’t sure I bought it. On the day of Jennifer’s Stem Cell Transplant (April 30, 2015), I saw Nathan in the hallway with Leroy- my friend Sandra was Jennifer’s nurse that day and I told her she had to find out which son that was. I literally did a double-take and watched Nathan walk down the hallway. Sandra worked her magic and got me in the room to say hi to Nathan and then gave him my phone number. Nathan texted me that night and our first date was a month later. As they say, the rest is history. Unfortunately, we lost Jennifer in October of 2015. I am so thankful that I got to meet her and get to know her in that short time.

Jessie's Proposal in Houston, Tx

How They Asked

Nathan suggested on Friday evening (December 6th) that we skip the gym (Orange theory fitness) on Saturday morning and instead take our corgis to the Arboretum for an adventurous walk. We went to the Arboretum and during the walk, I got dog poop on my hands and we had to stop so I could go wash my hands. During this time, Nathan switched the ring from our backpack to his pocket.

While walking the trails, a snake slithered in between my feet and I got super freaked out. We went back by the water where there are benches to sit so I could calm myself down. The benches were all full and our dogs wouldn’t leave the people there alone so we walked to a private gazebo to sit down. After I calmed down and started to walk off, Nathan said: “want to have another heart attack?” He handed me the ring box and when I turned around he was down on one knee and proposed. I was in SHOCK! It was perfect, just the two of us and our dogs- nothing fancy but very memorable. Of course, I had on no makeup and workout clothes.