Jessie and Luke

How We Met

We met in high school. We went to the same school. I knew him, but I didn’t ever think he would want to date me. We didn’t start talking until he graduated. I went away for a week and when I got back he insisted we finally go somewhere together. So we went on our first unofficial date. We were supposed to see a new movie, but he was late so we had to see the last Harry Potter movie which I had never seen any of the prior movies. We went in a pizza shop to wait for the next showing time and I got a large Mt. Dew. We sat and talked. We saw the movie and then we went to a nearby lake. We walked around a path sat on a bench and talked for hours. I opened up to him more than any one in those short hours. I knew it was something special at that moment.

We went back and got our engagement pictures done at the same spot!

Image 1 of Jessie and Luke

how they asked

luke and i had been together for over 4 years. i had been annoying him constantly with questions of timing. i wanted forever and i wanted it now! but his sweet patient heart led us to the perfect proposal. we were in long island, ny for a wedding. the day after i thought it would be a relaxing end to our trip to take a walk on the beach. we pulled up to the parking lot and since we were traveling after i asked if it was ok if i changed into my bum travel clothes (leggings and a sweatshirt). luke reluctantly agreed knowing that i truly had no idea what was about to happen (the previous months i had dressed up for just about every outing thinking it could be the day). so we began our walk. the beach was empty and perfect. the breeze off the water left a saltwater crispness that only early fall can bring. we stopped for a moment and looked out over the water and i just thought about how i could stay in that moment forever. then luke asked me, “how long are you going to love me?” and i said, “forever, silly.” and he said “good i was worried.” i responded, “why are you worried?” and then he dropped down on his knee and pulled out that beautiful ring and said, “worried you wouldn’t say yes.” i said yes of course!!!! i know our engagement story isnt extravagant. and luke didn’t have a secret photographer. and we didn’t have the perfect social media announcement. but to me it was all i dreamed of. i loved the intimate moment we shared on that beach. and how we were able to spend the whole care ride home calling all of our close family and friends and surprising them with the good news.

Image 2 of Jessie and Luke