Jessie and Jeff

Where to Propose in Escape Room

How We Met

My fiancé and I have been dating for over three years and living together for two of those years. We have 2 dogs together and were planning on buying a house in the Spring. It was no surprise that we were going to get married eventually, I just never knew when. My fiancé, Jeff, is horrible with surprises. I thought for sure he would ruin whatever “surprise” he planned for a proposal by somehow telling me beforehand. Not much gets by me especially when it comes to Jeff. He always keeps me informed on what he’s doing or where he’s going. He’s out of the office a lot with customers for his job so he must have found some time to do ring shopping without making it obvious.

How They Asked

He proposed November 21st, 2018 after asking my parents (and my brother) for approval back in early September, before he even had a ring. Jeff isn’t really the “romantic” type (nor good at surprises), so he enlisted the help of family and friends to come up with ideas for the proposal. Fast forward to the morning of November 21st. I am struggling to get my hungover body out of bed to go to the escape room we had planned to do with my family. Our reservation for the room was at 11:30 am, so about an hour before this I was in the middle of throwing on sweats and pulling my hair up while my friend (who was in on the proposal) is trying to convince me to “dress up” to go this escape room.

Proposal Ideas Escape Room

After going back and forth with her on it, I finally decided to throw some makeup on and a decent outfit without suspecting a thing. We get to the escape room and start our escape. Our theme was “past to future”. We make it through the entire thing (thankfully, because I’m not sure what plan B would have been) and the last “clue” to get out of the room is behind a picture frame on the wall along with the ring. In utter disbelief, I start crying tears of joy as Jeff gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. I think you can guess how the story ends :)