Jessie and James

Image 1 of Jessie and JamesThe best day of my life started like any ordinary day with 3 of my best friends in town to visit, exactly like we had done the previous year, but little did I know the real reason they were here to visit and the huge surprise that weekend held. Per usual, we slept in, laid around for a bit, goofed around, went to my store and started getting ready for a photo shoot for With Love, Design. The design company Jessica, Anna, and I started together. The girls talked me into wearing a white top (I never wear white) and thank goodness, made sure I painted my nails. We got all dolled up and took a few head shots and group photos for our With Love, Design website and business use. Next, Jenna took a few photos of James and I, just because she HAD to and had taken several of us the previous year too. We wrapped up the photos and headed to HG Supply Company. James and I are a regular at this place (we love the roof top patio) so we wanted the girls to experience this place while they were visiting, so nothing seemed our of the ordinary just yet.

After a few “random” delays from everyone, we were finally in the car and making our way to HG Supply. We took my car and coincidentally (and apparently perfectly) my car only had 5 miles to empty so we had to swing by the gas station. I later found out this was a great, unplanned time waster to make sure everyone was at HG Supply and ready before we arrived. As we pull up to the front, Jenna hopped out of the moving car. Seriously it was still moving and apparently she “really” needed to use the ladies room. So off she goes, running in & James just drives right on past valet parking. We always, always valet park here in Dallas because of the lack of self-parking around so I was confused as to why he zoomed right on past the valet. His excuse was that we had no cash, even though I had already reached into my purse and pulled out cash for valet. Still he drove on by! At this point I was beyond confused and may have given him a little “ugh” of irritation haha.

Luckily, we found the very last spot in the entire parking lot because no one involved in the proposal plan thought of the non-valet excuse ahead of time. We all get out of the car and the next thing I know, James is headed straight to the front of the restaurant saying that Cody, Jessica’s husband, is waiting out front. All of a sudden Jessica and Anna were walking back to the car, Jessica asking for Chapstick and Anna had left her entire purse in the car. (Yes, her entire purse! Although this isn’t necessarily something out of the ordinary for Anna to do.) So I toss the keys to Jessica and started walking towards James, but he is just trucking along (almost at a jog at this point, I swear!) I was a little confused as to why he’s being so out of the ordinary. He’s always holding doors for everyone, lending out a helping hand, making sure myself and my friends are taken care of first. He’s the most kind hearted, generous human I know,

So when he’s moving right along leaving us ladies in the dust, I was very confused, but then again, we did have out of town guests he needed to host so I walked back to the car with Jess and Anna while they “searched” for their belongings.

Finally we are headed in the restaurant. I lead the girls upstairs since we didn’t see James, Cody, or Jenna downstairs anywhere. I assumed they were upstairs on the rooftop while we waited for our table. Everyone was gathered in the back, left corner of the rooftop in a semi secluded “room”. As I walked around the corner looking for James, the first person I spotted was Matt, one of James’ friends from work. Then I saw Will, another work friend, and his girlfriend. We meet them out all the time so I figured James just asked them to come have a few drinks! The more the merrier! I finally find James and there he was standing alone at the end of the long walkway.

Image 2 of Jessie and James

I’m pretty sure I tilted my head and furrowed my eyebrows like “Seriously, what is he doing? He’s being so odd today!” As I was still walking, I look to my left and through the glass fireplace I saw my Dad, brothers, sisters and closest friends. My Dad gave me the biggest wave and smile through the glass and I see he has my Mom on FaceTime. (She had a last minute surgery a few days before, so she wasn’t able to be there).

At that very moment, it hit me. James is about to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him, and I’m pretty sure my face went straight to my hands. I’ve never felt so many emotions all at the same time.

Image 5 of Jessie and James

Excitement, pure joy, slight embarrassment that I hadn’t the slightest clue before that moment, and before I could take another step the tears were coming. Here was the most perfect man I could have ever hoped for, right in front of me getting on one knee with our families and friends gathered to share this special moment. Pure bliss. The second he got on one knee I couldn’t hear anything else, but him and the most amazing proposal I could have ever imagined. It was kind of like we were in a little bubble, just me and him in the most perfect moment. The full proposal was about a minute long and then came the final question, “Jessie, will you marry me?” Of course I said YESSSSS! We spent the rest of the night celebrating with our family and friends.

Image 3 of Jessie and James Image 4 of Jessie and James

Image 6 of Jessie and James

James, Jenna, Jessica & Anna pulled off the most amazing secret weekend of my life. James is the most thoughtful, romantic, selfless person I know, so as much as I was surprised at the secret proposal, I wasn’t surprised in the least bit of his thoughtfulness.

Image 7 of Jessie and James

Photos by Jenna Kutcher