Jessie and Chris

Image 1 of Jessie and Chris

October was always such a special month for Chris and I. It was the month he told me he loved me by carving the three special words in a pumpkin. After being together for three years October rolled around and I was on my way home from work. I walked in my house and heard my mother say she wanted to show me something in the back yard so she led me outside. I live on a private golf course so there is acres of land as my “back yard”. Once I noticed she was walking me further and further I noticed there were twinkling lanterns hanging in the big oak tree that sits in the middle of the course. I immediately got butterflies and asked my mother, “what is going on?” while she responded cheerfully, “it’s exactly what you think it is”. She led me right up to the man of my dreams that was standing in the middle of hundreds of little lights and in front of carved pumpkins that read- Will You Marry Me. Chris asked me to become his wife the same way he told me he loved me. I guess there was always something about pumpkins with us.

Image 2 of Jessie and Chris