Jessica and Raymond

How We Met
First and foremost, Ray and I never “met”! It was a mutual understanding that we knew one another existed in high school. We would pass each other in the halls with a friendly head nod and a “hello” every now and then. New Years Eve 2009, both of us had already graduated high school and hadn’t seen each other in a while. We were at a mutual friends party.. both a wee bit tipsy. We had a natural connection. The very next day we had our first date. He picked me up and kept it simple. Went to a pizzeria, movie, and some coffee. When he pulled up in front of my house, we stayed in the car for 2 more hours just talking. Fast forward 2 weeks later he FINALLY kissed me! I was starting to think I was getting the wrong impression from him considering he took so damn long!
how they asked
Fast forward 4 years – Ray had been an athlete all of his life. His passion was and still is wrestling. From high school to college to even after college Ray has been part of a team and coached for 10 years of his life. On 12/1/13 he had the opportunity of a lifetime. He was wrestling at Madison Square Garden in NYC in the middle of thousands of people. Our friends and family all came to see him. I was given a ground pass to witness it up close and personal – not anticipating what would happen next. After losing his match ( :-( ) I was ready to run for the hills!! LOL he was so enthused and I was going to give him space to cool down. His teammates surrounded me, giving me no space to go anywhere. All I can remember is his good buddy Mike saying “Ray has to ask you something”

Still confused.. I turned around and that’s when mid MSG in front of THOUSANDS of people, Ray asked me to be his wife.

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