Jessica and Justin

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How We Met

We met freshman year of college in one of our music classes at the time. It was a small class, and I was very outgoing and tried to befriend him, but he was introverted and as hard as I tried, he didn’t really want anything to do with me. Flash forward to Sophomore year, he ended up getting a spot in an apartment with 5 of my best guy friends, and so I made it my mission to get him to be my friend. I started hanging out there a lot to see my friends, but to also try to get Justin to be friends with me. I was successful and we started all playing music together. That winter, a group of us all went to Missouri to play music at an event, and a huge blizzard came through which trapped us in this random cabin for 3 extra days! The whole time we were trapped, Justin and I would cook together for the rest of the band and things like that, and I remember thinking how great of a guy he was and that he was going to make a great husband.

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I specifically remembered thinking, “Wow Justin has some really attractive qualities about him. How does he not have a girlfriend?!” But of course instead of running with that, I left that trip and immediately started dating his friend who was the drummer from that trip for 8 months! (I’m so stupid) Note: I found out later that Justin had really started to like me on that trip and thought I was into him too and so he was gonna ask me out when we got back, but then I was already preoccupied. (I’m so stupid) Obviously the drummer and I didn’t work out, which left me heartbroken for a bit, but Justin was my friend through it all, and he walked through that pain so graciously with me. The next thing I know, he gets some courage and tries to ask me out again. I have never known a man as patient and loving and utterly amazing as Justin. It was the most perfect timing, and now we have a funny story to tell our kids!

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how they asked

I just graduated college, and he proposed a month before my graduation. My mom had insisted that I get senior pictures done, which I loathed, because I hate getting my picture taken(I prefer to be on the other side of the lens taking them) and I just thought it was weird to do college seniors, but she told me I had to, and so I grudgingly agreed and booked a session with a friend of mine. Little did I know that Justin would take it upon himself to contact my friend after I booked my seniors and let her know that he was going to use this as a way to propose. My radar had been up about getting engaged for a while, because our initial plan had been July or August to get engaged, and this was now November.

I wasn’t trying to guess when he would do it because I wanted it to be a surprise, but there were some things that I knew would tip me off if he tried to casually mention things like looking nice or having my nails painted. And so he just told me to always look nice and have my nails painted. I am not one to keep my nails done, and dressing up all the time was exhausting! So this was honestly a perfect way to catch me looking good without me knowing! I didn’t get to see him all day because I was running errands before (and he was finding reasons why he couldn’t hang out either) and so I had just a really relaxing day to myself. Then I got home and got ready and had gotten my nails done with my roommates the day before since I was getting these pictures done, and I was having a great hair day, and my makeup turned out nice, and so I felt so good going into what I now know was a proposal shoot!

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We began taking pictures, and I was just chatting with my friend and talking about how annoyed I was that Justin and I weren’t engaged, and just casual girl stuff. Then she asked me to pose on this road, and said she wanted to snap a few here. That’s when Justin began down the road from behind, sneaking up on me. He literally got right behind me, and then she says, “Okay I want to take a more artsy picture of you so turn around.” I turned, and there he was, looking the most handsome he has ever looked, and I threw my arms up ready to punch him because it frightened me!

Jessica and Justin's Engagement in Cedar Hill State Park

I immediately knew what was happening, and began weeping and saying “This isn’t real,” probably at least 10 times. He just kept smiling and said “Yeah Jess, it is”. Then he got down on one knee and he said, “Jess, you make me a better man and you are my absolute best friend in the world. I love you so much. Will you please marry me?” (Short and sweet!) And of course I said yes!

I was surprisingly extremely present in that moment, and I remember so many details. I am so grateful to be marrying my best friend, and having an eternity of laughter and love!

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