Jessica and Josh's Ice Rink Proposal in Syracuse

How We Met: Josh and I met in second grade, where we instantly became “boyfriend and girlfriend.” a short lived romance, we went our separate ways and weren’t reunited until high school. Josh was always “the cool kid” and I was, well, a bit of a nerd, during the summer of 2006, Josh and I were at a mutual friend’s birthday party- it was the first I’d seen him in a long time, but the spark was still there. Josh started to launch marshmallows out of his mouth at me, and the marshmallows stuck in my hair just created the ideal situation for love. I officially became his girlfriend again on valentine’s day 2007– the rest is history!


Here we are before our junior prom in 2007– check out remember when capri sweatpants with writing on the butt was a thing?!

how they asked: After making it through everything life had thrown at us through high school, college, nursing school and law school, it’s safe to say I was getting a bit impatient. Josh finally proposed on December 20, 2014- just short of our eight year anniversary- and it was nothing short of amazing.

On the day of the proposal, Josh and I were supposed to go ice skating. Now listen- I did a lot of activities as a kid but balancing on a razor sharp blade wasn’t one of them. I hate ice skating, and had only ever been once before (at Josh’s insistence). Josh had been begging to go again for weeks, and I finally succumbed to the pressure.

That morning, I was a little suspicious that something was up. My parents and sister were up and ready to go early on a Saturday morning (they claimed they were going to the market together…At 9am.. In 30 degree Syracuse weather..). But, when I texted my best friend Erin (who skillfully played dumb) and didn’t see a ring box sticking out of Josh’s pocket, I blew the idea off. Hey– after 8 years you learn not to get too excited!

When we got to the ice skating rink, there was (of course) a group of 10 year old basically professional skaters on the ice, making me feel super competent about my ice skating skills. Josh and I took a couple laps around the ice together (and by together, I mean Jessica held the wall and josh skated around like a normal person). After a few laps, I’d had it. Little did I know, I was on camera!



Josh finally gave into my whining and agreed we could leave. As we approached the exit, I looked up and saw my dad walking towards us (so much for the market…) I was super confused, and as he got closer, I noticed he was holding my & Josh’s pug, Carlos- and Carlos was wearing a suit with a tiny box tied around his collar. I thought oh my god, this is really happening. I couldn’t believe it– after waiting so long it seemed like it would never happen! But there was Carlos, and a ring box…


My dad handed Carlos to Josh, who untied the box and managed to get down on one knee (in ice skates! Such a show off, I couldn’t even stand up). Josh didn’t say a single word for a solid five minutes, and I just sat there sobbing (of course). I later found out he had a whole speech planned (complete with cue card in his pocket), but was so nervous that he totally blanked.


And right then, with my dad holding me up and the loves of my life knelt before me, Josh asked me to be his wife. It couldn’t get any better, right? Wrong. Next thing I knew, our entire families were next to us holding a sign that said “just say yes already!” (okay, so I’m a little obsessed with say yes to the dress- so what?)




Of course I said yes! Since it was Christmastime, there was a huge beautiful tree in front of the skating rink. After getting pictures with the family by the secret photographer Josh hired, Josh told me we were all heading to a restaurant for lunch.



I was frantically trying to call Erin in the car, working under the assumption that she had no idea what just happened. Erin lives in Georgia, and I was so sad my best friend wasn’t there to share this. As Josh and I walked up to the restaurant, I looked through the glass only to see Erin, and so many of our other friends who literally traveled from all over the east coast. Safe to say at that point I just about lost it. Josh planned an entire engagement party following his proposal, with all our closest friends and family. It was the most perfect day, and after eight years we are so, so excited for this next phase.