Jessica and Jared

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We both met through mutual friends in college and started dating a year ago from Sunday, Oct. 20th. We knew very quickly that we were going to end up spending the rest of our lives together; when you know, you know, am I right?

The engagement happened on our one-year anniversary and was absolutely beautiful. Jared found a way to get me all dressed up, and my roommates even convinced me to wear white without giving anything away. Jared took me to Zilker Park in downtown Austin a little before the sun started to set, and while still all dressed up, we started walking down a path alongside Town Lake. Jared had his roommates set up mason jars lit with candles on the benches along the path. Next to the jars were hand written notes, each one becoming more obvious about what this night was about and when Jared brought me to the fifth note, he blindfolded me and immediately I could hear cameras clicking! I even remember him trying to talk over the clicking, which made us both laugh. He walked me to a small pavilion that overlooked the lake, and sat me on a white porch swing that he built just for that night.
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He took the blindfold off, and the first thing I saw were candles and flowers…everywhere.
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Image 6 of Jessica and JaredImage 3 of Jessica and Jared Image 4 of Jessica and JaredHis roommate started playing the guitar to a worship song very meaningful to the both of us. Jared then grabbed a bucket of water placed underneath the swing, and Jared symbolically washed my feet in the water…I was in tears by then. This was one of the most memorable moments for the both of us. Afterwards, his roommate started to play another worship song and during this all of our friends and family came around the corner and made a circle around us. He took my hands and stood me up and after we all finished singing he said a few sweet words where only I could hear, which I loved. He then got down on one knee, said my full name, and asked me to marry him. I couldn’t say yes fast enough! Then everyone came close and laid a hand on us and we finished in prayer. Afterwards, we went down the steps to find this table of desserts and pictures that our friends set up and cheesy love songs playing in the background. We took too many pictures to count, but it was so much fun. That night, so far, was the best night of our lives. We were humbled by how many people offered their help and by how many friends and family came to share this moment with us. It was beautiful and something we will never forget. Basically, if you can’t already tell, I cannot wait to marry this wonderful man!

Photography: Travis Perkins