Jessica and Christopher's Marriage Proposal Video

Image 1 of Jessica and Christopher's Marriage Proposal Video

Chris and Jessica met while working together for a local charity in Vancouver. While they didn’t know it at first, the chemistry was instant. A seemingly innocent friendship flourished over a period of a few months thanks to her willingness to laugh at all his silly jokes and his attempts at making coffee-break fondue for two in the office microwave. Sadly the day came for Jessica’s contract to end at the organization; Chris was certain their farewell would be their last – but not in the way history would unravel itself.

That very night, Jessica surprised Chris with a phone call. “You suggested we stay in touch, so here I am!”

Dinner plans were made for the following Wednesday. It was a date! Or was it?

The day before the dinner, Jess sent Chris a cryptic text message.

Jess: Hey, we should talk.

Chris: Ok, are we still on for dinner tomorrow?

Jess: Yes, we will talk then!

Chris’ first thoughts were “she’s going to tell me we should be just friends!” and “There’s NO WAY I was going to be luckily enough to be on an actual date with this girl. Nice try, buddy.”

Dinner would happen at little restaurant in historic Gastown in Vancouver. They would talk, laugh, eat and connect in the most wonderful of ways over a four hour meal. The two would discuss every topic under the moon – everything but what Jess wanted to talk about. Chris knew he was in trouble, because at this moment, he knew this beautiful girl had stolen his heart and her “talk” would break him in two. Little did he know that Jessica was feeling the very same feelings: the warm, electric feeling you get when you know you’re falling in love. This was what she wanted to discuss and this when they knew they would never have to say farewell to each other, ever again.

That night, Jess made Chris promise to be gentle with her heart, and on March 22nd, 2014 in front of the very same restaurant, he promised to do it for a lifetime.

Cinematography: Hello Tomorrow Wedding Films