Jessica and Brian

How We Met

Brian and I met when we were 13 years old and it was a middle school “crush at first sight” (haha). A friendship that lasted through our school years blossomed into so much more and we finally began dating our senior year of college. A true testament that the friend zone is the best zone to be in!

how they asked

When your best friend asks you to go on a girl’s weekend trip to Charleston, well… you go! What I thought was a “treat yourself” weekend full of mani//pedis, blowouts, market shopping, a little fine dining, and of course, a trip to my favorite place in the world, the iconic Charleston Pineapple Fountain, turned into so much more. There, in the cool coastal breeze amongst the crowds of families, tourists, and park goers stood the love of my life.

Knees weak, mind racing and heart pounding, somehow I hear the phrase I love the most, “Hey Sweetie!” Torn between tears, smiles and pure joy he speaks the most authentic and kind words that I will never forget. Oh, my heart. He drops to one knee and asks “Jessi, will you marry me?” between my preemptive squeals of YES YES YES the crowd erupts, my best friend is in tears and one of my favorite photographers is quietly capturing it all moment by moment.

Between the kind congratulations of strangers, the golden light and strolling through the Spanish moss-covered oaks, I find myself thanking Jesus for someone who would do (and has done) anything for me, my Brian.

Blessed can’t even begin to describe how I feel after such a flawless surprise! From a fabulously planned impromptu engagement photography session, I was whisked away to a dinner party where our family and friends were waiting for yet ANOTHER surprise to celebrate with us. An evening followed full of champagne toasts, roses, and rooftop celebrating.

I am still in awe of this true southern fairytale. Who said middle school crushes don’t last?


The Future Mrs. Morissette

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Jessi Lancaster Photography
 | Photographer