Jessica and Zachary's Proposal at the Ca' d'Zan

How We Met

We were both sophomores in high school but we went to different schools. When the annual county fair was in town I ran into one of my friends from the same school he went to and she introduced us. Two years later while we were both seniors in high school the night before Christmas Eve 2011, I got a Facebook message from him and we started talking and then realized that we were going to the same church for Christmas Eve. The church was so packed and crowed that we actually never got to meet each other so a week later we went on our first date to the movies to watch New Years Eve and well the rest is history…

Proposal at the Ca' d'Zan

how they asked

Two weeks before my best friend Hallie asked me if she could take pictures of me and my boyfriend Zachary for a photography class that she was taking next semester at the Ca’ d’Zan Mansion. So two weeks later Hallie and I headed to the Ringling Ca’ d’Zan Mansion where Zachary was going to meet us. When we got there Zachary said he would be there in a short bit that he was running late. Hallie said she wanted to get portraits of just me so we started walking to the back of the mansion to take pictures. When we turned the corner that’s where I saw Zachary standing there on the steps in a full suit and then I just froze cuz I was in such shock of what was going on. Hallie gave me a little push and told me to keep walking and when I got up to Zachary he grabbed my hand that’s when the tears started falling!

Proposal at the Ca' d'Zan