Jessica and Zachary

how they asked

A few weeks before my best friend, Hallie asked me if she could take pictures at the Ringling of me and my boyfriend for a photography class she was taking and she knew that I loved the Ringling. So on Sunday December 13th Hallie came over and me and her headed to meet my boyfriend at Ringling. When we arrived my boyfriend called and told me that he was running alittle late due to having to stop at the store. So Hallie decided that she wanted to start taking pictures of just me so we headed to the back of the Ringling Ca’d’Zan and when I turned the corner I saw my boyfriend standing there on the balcony and I just froze and started crying and Hallie had to nudge me forward towards Zachary!

Image 1 of Jessica and Zachary

Image 2 of Jessica and Zachary