Jessica and Zachary

How We Met

Zach and I met when I was 15 years old. We had the classic teenage love, never knowing that it would turn into so much more. After a year of dating he graduated from our high school and attended San Jose State University. The next year I broke the news that I’m moving away to go to school at UC Merced. He told me that no matter what we would make it work. That is when I knew that we were so much more then a high school love.

how they asked

As I got close to finishing college, we started talking about marriage, but I was adamant on waiting until I was done with school. The weekend after my last final, he took me to mammoth. Once at the top of the mountain he asked a man to take a picture of us. In the middle of pictures, he got down on one knee. Once his knee hit the ground, he said his mind went blank. He just kept smiling and starring at me. He finally got the words out and asked me “would you be my wife”. The last 7 years were definitely worth the wait.

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