Jessica and Zach

How We Met

It all started when we were 17 I(Jess) was a hostess at a very popular restaurant in our hometown & Zachs High School football team decided to go eat at this particular restaurant after practice. Although we lived in the same town We went to two totally different high schools & had never seen each other before! I remember to this day his laugh as he walked in behind his teammates.

After I casually ( on purpose ) walked by his table about 5 times & the fellow hostess working with me asked what the heck i was doing I told her the guy in the red shirt was so cute she said “ZACH? No way hang on” i had no idea 1. She knew him & they were friends & 2.she was going to inform him of the crush I had developed!! That’s when Zach and his impeccable timing made his way to the hostess stand to SHAKE my hand and introduce himself.(mind you it was EXTREMELY busy and crowded in the waiting area of this restaurant and I had two arms full of menus)

Jessica and Zach's Engagement in The university of Georgia chapel bell

“Hey I’m Zach,” he said so confidently like I was supposed to know who exactly who he was!

I quickly responded I’m Jessy….it says it on my nametag. & my boss is watching I’ll have to talk with you after the rush!

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Good one Jess, you dork. Zach went back to his table & to my surprise When Zach was walking out that night he placed a comment card in my hand which read.

“Yo hit me up sometime” his phone number & signed it


(Yes he put z-breezy, zach is about as country as cornbread so this now cracks me up)

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On our first date a few days later Zach took me to a rodeo, I was so excited but also wasn’t allowed to go on dates with strange boys so I lied to my parents & told them I was going with my best friend.

Zach picked me up at the restaurant we met and asked me if I wanted a drink from the gas station across the street, I said yes! I’d love a coke (now had I known what was about to happen I would’ve said no I’m okay!) y’all he bought me a 1-liter coke.

We get to the rodeo and Zach lets me know the cash from his console was gone… we had no money to get into the rodeo u til my friend let us in for free & He had to drive me home after the fact and the Tahoe was on E.

Zach had to stop at a gas station and we counted pennies in the front seat together that night & I still thought he was the dreamiest guy. We had our first kiss that night & he asked me to me his girlfriend on 8/8/10

How They Asked

Zach and I are some of the BIGGEST Georgia Bulldog fans & we have season tickets to every football game! So on this particular Saturday 9/21, Our beloved Georgia Bulldogs were set to play Notre Dame, A historic Game between the hedges. Zach knew I would get dressed up because I do for every game & with some help from my mama who strongly suggested I wear a dress and not the leather mini skirt I planned on. (Thanks Mama)

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On that day Zach’s best friend Dylan convinced me that his mother wanted a picture of him & his brother next to the chapel bell Because it was such a big game and everyone was all decked out in the best Georgia Attire. We walked to the chapel bell where I grabbed the camera and started snapping away telling the boys how to pose unbeknownst to me my daddy is hiding in the bushes right behind me!! Never even noticed Him!? And to this day he is extremely proud of this hiding spot

Lol! Zach knew I would ask for a picture of us and when I did he acted annoyed he had to take more pictures.

But obliged and after the first picture Zach grabbed me squeezed my hands and after nine years of wondering It literally took my breath away, I started to cry! After the shock settled and we rang the bell Zach pointed to the bushes & That’s when I see my daddy waving videotaping it mama walking toward me with a camera!!

I couldn’t believe on one of the busiest weekends in Athens they actually made it before I did and found parking and time to hide Before I got there!! I found out later the reason Dylan had to stop to pee so many times was that I was actually out running my parents & they had left hours before we did (oops)

It was the absolute most wonderful day.

And the DAWGS won 23-17!!! ❤️