Jessica and Zac

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How We Met

They say you find love when you least expect it. Zac and I consider this to be an ultimate truth as we experienced it first hand when we fell in love. Zac and I, we were not instantly attracted to one another at the beginning of our friendship. I had a “thing”, if you will, for one of his friends and he had a girlfriend when we both met New Year’s Eve of 2010. Actually, the very first time I remember seeing Zac, he was KISSING his girlfriend on my back porch (Hooray for memories)! Luckily for me, we became instant friends who would spend hours playing “water pong” and riding around sharing our love of music with one another. As we got to know one another, we would chat on and off during the days to follow and I would even keep him updated on our softball games (Weevil Nation!).

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On a long bus ride back from Mobile after playing one weekend, I called Zac to catch him up on our games and to invite him to my best friend’s birthday party we were throwing that evening. Zac informed me that he would be busy and out of town with his on-again, off-again girlfriend to make the party. Naturally, I was upset I wouldn’t be able to see Zac that evening but fortunately for me, I have wonderful friends. During the party, Zac calls Terra and informs her he will be surprising me later that evening. Terra kept this secret from me (only time in her life), Zac knocked on my apartment door, I answered, and the last seven years are history.

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how they asked

Growing up in Eufaula, Alabama, it was not uncommon for us to frequently visit Phenix City, Alabama as it is one of the places where my dad grew up. When my dad and mom were dating, he took her to a local lake that is always lit up with Christmas lights during the Christmas season. Because Zac and I have been together for seven years, I knew this season of our lives was fast approaching. With this in mind, Zac had to ensure that I would not “ruin” the surprise by guessing ahead of time. So, he has my sister and her now fiancé to meet us at Moon Lake before we plan to go grab dinner together. When we arrived, Zac asked if I wanted to take a stroll around the lake before meeting with my sister and her fiancé. Oblivious to what was to follow, I was not very excited about walking in the cold wearing high heeled ankle boots and I must admit, I put up a little fight as I was trying to stay in the truck! Zac was persistent and coerced me to take a walk where he proceeds to ask me if I notice any of the Christmas lights out on the lake.

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Looking around not seeing what he could be talking about he says, “take a look over here”. As I turn to look to the left, in which he was walking, I see a large wooden sign lit with white Christmas lights that read, “Marr”. Unfortunately for Zac, my future brother-in-law tinkered with the lights before we arrived and most of the sign would not light up! Of course, I was so thrilled and surprised, I hardly noticed because I was too busy telling Zac YES! I WILL MARRY YOU!! Although it wasn’t “perfect” to some because of the lights burning out, it was perfect to me. I wouldn’t have had it any other way, even if they used all the Christmas lights in the world.

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Special Thanks

Abbie Richards
 | Planning
Mike Padgett
 | Photographer
Laura Grant
 | Photographer