Jessica and Weston

How We Met: We met while we were both still in high school. He was a senior and I was a sophomore at a different school than his. A mutual friend mentioned to him I had just became single and after seeing a picture of me he begged this mutual friend to bring me to a bon fire soon. The next Bon fire my fiend picked me up, took me there and introduced me to Weston. I wanted nothing to do with him that night. After that night Wes would text me still trying to talk to me. After several attempts he asked me to go on a lunch date to my favorite restaurant. I figured since it’s my favorite place to eat, why not I’ll give him a try. That date was the most easy and natural date of my life. So now here we are almost 5 years later.

Image 2 of Jessica and Weston

how they asked: Wes and I have always loved the outdoors. The outdoors, and nature define our relationship. His proposal had me follow a string to a place in our woods where he got down on one knee and made me the happiest girl in the world. I came home from work to find string and signs guiding me to the next place, which eventually led me to the sweetest, most thought out proposal.

Image 1 of Jessica and Weston

I cried instantly when I saw him on one knee. This was a huge step to starting our lives together and I couldn’t be any more excited for what the future brings.

700 yards of yarn was used in the making of his proposal video. Along with two trail cameras in the house to catch me discover the initial site, a camcorder that caught me walking through the woods, and a DSLR camera that caught the actual proposal moment.

Weston placed all the cameras, and also edited and put the proposal video together to cherish the moment forever and this is also how we announced out engagement to family and friends.

The song featured in the video is “Our Song” and will be used as our “first dance” song at our wedding.